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try to kil me' i dare you
if you are scared easly i warn you stop reading. for im not going to lie. i am scared of who i am what i can do and what makes me for who i am and admit i am scared of my existence.
i am scared of hurting the one that claim to know me i am scared to do some thing im not.
i wish you could feel all the feeling i can, but words are for you see, just words. they can be as bitter and black as the night with no moon to lead the way.......... or as corlerful as a wedding with a band butiful un-imagenable music that sounds as if a humen cant produce it. well i know why there are bad and good things that happen in this world. why the good tings are here and why the bad things are here. its cuz of the goverment. i know you planned that one coming but the one you didnt plan is that the good things in the world is from the monsters.........well at least some, most of my kind are good but other wise the one that arnt born like the rest of us,with a conchense.can see that they are the enemy but how can we stop them? they are just as strong as i maybe even stronger. wait, im getting ahead of my self. my name is paige, paige coffey i was a normal new born but i tapped in to my mind a t a vary early age so i am able to do things that others can not i am able to change what i see and make a differnt seen's see, any one can do it. but i have to use it in a un discrable sichuashons see it seems as if i have powers that are "supernateral" but i just use all of my brain thats all. well since i can do these things the goverment is chaseing my kind,and wont stop in till they get all of us... there is a groop of us under cover in new york city i was lucky to be found at the age i was i was rised in a orphange no friends, they all thoght i was a freak of natcher, and the nunds started thinking i was the deivels child or something like that. its crazy right? well back to the point syney one of the the under cover groop was look for one like me shes been on the serched for a long time never could find one till i came along she found me crying in a small corner normaly she just pass kids like that up and when on to the next room. well when my tears where floting in the air she new that i was one of her kind and that she had to save me from that awful place well the place I'm staying isnt all that great but its a good start.it better then the names of awful thing they called me then made me cry and the the nuns would try to help but they would just call me the worse of names that can be called things like "buttercup" "princess" ugh they thoght i was destened to be a butiful young lady and knew i would get sold when i started puberty but they didnt think that that kind of home would be good if you cach my drift (creepy old man wit a boner naked) dose that help discribe what im talking about? yeah ewwww i wouldnt want to go there. i shuter at the thoght. well back on track as you can see im not the girly type i like edvencher and when she adopted me i dint know how much advencher was waiting for me. when i got to the house (under cover place) they started to give me a new name and bill hes one of my best budds he said "the goverment is after you we don't have much time there be here at any momnet"
is was in a stae wgere i thout nothing could go wrong till now "huh?what do you mean? "goverment?"is there something wrong? answer me!!!!
bill got a little frustated "look you arent humen in there eyes they think you came from space or some hair brian idea like there all ideotes who wont give us a chance. ok kid. dose that answer you qustion?
"a little"
"well a little is all i can say at this moent in time so grab a gun and get going, got it?
"your brain power.derrrrr"
after he said that there was a huge ruckus what he hell is going on?! its my frist day as a normal-ish child and this happens.what the hell?!!?!?!?
"oh great. there here."
"billy ummm whats going on????"
"im not billy im bill. i'll introduce my self later. for now run like hell!!!!"
"ummmm ok!!"
we went in to a dark attic i dint know how,big/small it was it was way to dark it was like a when a famly member just dyed in your arms quite and sad and dark.....i was preety danm scared i have to say
no one could even move in this area. bad time to be colsterphobic i throue up on some ones leg but the vile goverment dint seem to notice they where to busy looking up stairs i wounder why they didnt look down here in the first place its was soooo odveios. when they gave up the search i asked bill
"why didnt they look there frist it was like they couldnt here us or see the door what happend?"
"well paige this may sound like i need to be in a mentle istute but we all have incredable powers that can make us move thing change seens.and all that crap the gov. thinks that we will turn people agenst them and over power them in a huge rampage and they will lose tpower.........sholdnt be brain washing them in the first place. its vile and digusting .......i hate being humen.
"wow the goverment is effed up!! and seem like a bunch of bumb-asses"
"well if you havnt notice im diffent even from you."
"what do you mean?"
"well i kinda lke to play the inacent girl. im nnothing like that!!"
"i think you wold have to if you wanted to get adopted"
"yeah when they came i satyed in my room, the nuns told me to; god i hated them"
"i would see why but ummm kid to answer your first quisoin the one 'why didnt they look down here in the first place one?' i really dont know they usally do ummm im ganna talk to sid fir a sec, ok?"
"umm ok?"
i still was kinda confuzed am i dreaming? do i even have a room? what the hell is this??? and do i have to act here like i did at the hell whole i was once at?oh jeezzzz now i got a head ach;wheres sid? (FYI sidney)
then i saw her and bill wispering in a corner; what are they doing? they look like they dont want any one over there.......soo me being my nosey self i went close anph to where i could just barly here them wispering
billy:"i thoght you said that she could ONLY move things not change seens like she did! what are we ganna do? she way to young to join but more powerfull then all of us together"
sid said"well we need to lock her up, in case they come again and find her they will kill us if they get her on there side-"
i couldnt beleave my self they just took me out of a hell hole now there locking me up like im some kind of animal? no, im not gong to let this crap happen im ganna stand up for my self!!
"NO. im not going to let you do that to me im not a effing monkey!!-
sid said "whoa there honey"
"never call me that!! i will kill you in your sleep if you call me that"
"ok your pissed, go back to the attic you have no wepons to make me not send you there other wise, now LEAVE
"OH, oh on the contrery i do"
i put my palms up i dont know what im doing, but im gonna act like i do! obviously that scared her
"what are you doing? you don't dare harm us! we'll bring you back, like a dog to the pound!!"
"then I'll just go to the government hows that? i will not be caged, this will be the only time i will do this, ok? i left that hell hole to not be caged like i was and im not going to let it happen again,"
sid;"ok i understand gosh you don't make very good first impressions do you? but i do have to show you where you will be sleeping, follow me. "
gosh it annoyed the living crap out of me that she did that in such a commanding voice i wanted to punch her in the face then bill came up to me and said
" surprised h hey i forgot to introduce myself to you earlier as you know im bill ans well, this isn't the most peaceful places in the world to live "
hymmm he really didn't i dint have time to make introductions but hey now that i look at him he looks around fifteen he was kinda hot he had that mysterious look to him he had dark brown, kind long hair when down to about the middle of his neck he had the most beautiful eyes some one could ave bright bright blue in the middle and darken when it got tords the edge like a full moon and the light spreading throw the dark night. that's how beautiful his eyes are.
"yeah i see, dose this happen a lot?"
"nope well kinda with you around now i think so. so how old are you?"
that's the one question i hoped to god he wouldn't ask
"well,....ummm, you see i kinda forgot how old i was"
"how can you do that??"
":well when you have nothing to look forward to you start to not care"
"ahhh i see i think you better start to follow ms.pissed-all-the time to your room"
"surprising i have a room how many other people live here?"
"lots tell you later before you get sent to the dungeon"
i guess he saw the worried expression on my face
"don't worry i wont let her keep you locked up, your to pretty for that."
then he left and wow did he really just say that? or am i dreaming. that would much better explain things...well i went tords sidney and she showed me a small room barely any space left for me to walk surprised there was any room for the bed then she push me in and locked the door , how nice? well i guess there's nothing better to do but sleep

when i woke up i felt this stabbing pain in my neck.what happend, and how long was i sleeping? well i went to the kitchen to find bill eating a boel of cereal
"hey bill" i said which a yawn
"hey Paige."
how long was i sleeping?"
"ummm maybe a good 24 hours"
"holy crap...........wait is it night or day? and where is the cereal? im statarved!!"
"its morning and to your right oh smart one " so i looked to my right and there it was ...... it wasn't there a second ago.....
"wow how did that get there? and that reminds me you have a lot of explaining to do!"
"grrr your also correct on that matter to...."

along puese was between us was he going to answer me or not? this is getting aggravating.....

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    Fri Jun 05, 2009 @ 02:33am

    Thats deep.....

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