RIP Jeremy Wade Delle 1975 - 1991
Jeremy song (video):
Jeremy song by Pearl Jam
About Jeremy's song <3:
About how Pearl Jam made the video of "Jeremy"

Well when he was at school which this was in 2001
yes it was a long time ago but he was getting made fun of by kids
he was only 16 years old at the time and then he couldn't take it anymore
so he shot himself in the head and the blood splatted all over the kids
this is a true story hoping everyone would like to know about it
the band called "Pearl Jam" read the news paper about Jeremy
and then made a music video that was all about him getting pick on and shooting himself
the song is called "Jeremy"
but that's all I have to say for right now anyway
this is not really like Kurt Cobain's story, it's different
so here's the link about Jeremy Wade Delle
and he transferred to a Dallas High School called "Richardson High School" in Texas
link: A 2001 article about Jeremy Wade Delle
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it's just really depressing that he went through all of that in his Sophomore year.