So I got my car done only $75 which was good but I never got the job at Stop & Shop in Assonet, Massachusetts sadly because it was over paid overtime and I am getting SSI so yeah also I may get the job at Season's Corner Market I have a feeling I wanted to always work at a Gas Station trust me they have the best coffee wanna know why because they have Mary Lou's my favorite coffee place in the world.
I love there muffins, they are delicious and sweet. :3
Anyway yeah I am still confident and won't give up and hey we still are getting are stimulus checks sorry I haven't been doing updates that much been struggling to get a job been unemployed this wholer time January 1 2020 - September 10 2020 basically if it still keeps going I don't know what to do but I will keep trying I have a car someone will take me I promise and pray. <3