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This is me now. (:
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Prize & Joy

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I'm a sweet girl <3
Name is Bridgette but like to be called Astrid Miriam.
I just finally got engaged by my Fiance Vincent Chase.
I said yes on Monday so it's September 14, 2020 that we got Engaged.
I am so happy.
Also I am gonna be going back to work so I will be working again thank goodness but I need that second interview so many people are hiring because of the affect of Covid-19 from 2019 yep I lost my job because of Covid-19 sad
I didn't feel good and almost got cancer in the hospital yep felt a lump on me but when away I have a cyst which is a Ovarian cyst so I am going October 8, 2020 to get it drained pray for me.
Would love to see Astrid Haven's band live. <333
I support people who have Cancer, Asthma, Shingles
(Get vaccinated at CVS Pharmacy 50+), Diabetes, Kindney Failure & Heart Failure.
I'm now 27 years old.
Birthday is on June 15th, 1993.
I work at Pizza Hut the start of November 4, 2019.
I am a half Portuguese, Irish, and French person.
My friend Brianna passed away back in July 28th, on 2014.
My mom is no longer with me only in spirit because she passed away just last year of September 4th 2015.
I took three weeks off work in September of 2015 cuz of my moms passing.
She saved me from cancer and took care of me as my guardian.
I love you mom and my long time friend.
Robin 2.6.57 - 9.4.15
Brianna 4.30.93 - 7.28.14
I am gonna try again and get my GED again.

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