Dear Journal,
It's been awhile since I wrote about something interesting about Gaia.

Right Now my "Gaiaonline Fantasy III" is being delayed for several resons and right I want to talk about the Contention to "Secert of Evermore" to zOMG.

the music is done by Jermy Soul like this for example this sweet music reminds me of the zOMG music of Village Green. 3nodding

Nicu-something told me that Nicu User Image isn't Gaian at all. I overheard it while a browsing though a fan thread stating that he didn't come from Gaia at all.. My thoery is to believe that he's the boy from Podunk
User Image and the secret of evermore is contected to Nicu's background.
Flynn-something supicious about her... stare she kinda reminds me of Fire-eyes off secert of evermore. (BTW,why Fire Eyes want to start a cash shop anyways?)

3.Dialog: The line gave away the contection to SOE and zOMG. when you start a Quest with Nicu,he mentions a few SOE samples:
User Image when he mentions Ebony Keep and Ivor Tower as well something dealing with a Paladin (Example: Cecil of Final Fantasy IV)User Image and this one:
User Image he mentions old family things relates to magic.
Secret of Evermore mentions Alchemy which is WAY OFF on full mental Alchmist (BTW SOE started the Alchemy trend before any other got it's start.) so,supect there will be magic that will be equiped to avi or so.

That's all I have to say..nothing more.

Sincerly yours,
Michelle Chiba.
PS. I heart Janus!