Dear Journal,I been dealing with a problem lately dealing people who'd claim that I'm the "Queen of Gaia"...I got few words:

Stop this hearsay rumor. what if that was you? It will be like some coming up saying that you are total idiot and don't belong here. it's ture I hate n00bs (especially when they run on my friend's thread) but giving out my personal info? that's invasion of privasy and should be tarated.

To Word Getters: get to know me first before you blast on me saying this.
who knows I might nicest person on the earth.

To user who hear rumors:Do not believe ALL these's fause.
also take advise from Constantine Fox,my friend. He's Dealth several people saying that he's my mule. that rumor is:False. Constantine lives several miles from where I live.

Resently I been Modifing a Game Called "Gaiaonline Fantasy III" Right now,I replace the sprites,face sprites and currently testing to see if there's any bugs in my Modifing Game. here's an example:
User Image
this is what I'm working on.