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Sapphires story
Hey this is Sapphire read about me or my role plays......once I get ideas that it ^_^ But if you like one of my stories and want to have fun and role play as one of them I would be more then happy to let you. Besides in the end if you have a good ide
Yuri and Amroas Story
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Outside of school          During school      During school      Outside of school

Yuri was laying on her bed when she heard her alarm clock go off, unlike most alarms where it was a buzzer going off. It was her favorite song. Angels by within temptation. She would let it play while she rose from her bed. She rubbed her eyes as she got off the bed and walked over to her closet as she looked for something to wear for today. She reached in her closet and pulled out a black tank top, her white coat that was torn at the sleeves. Then she walked over to her dresser and pulled out her black pants with a small hole right under the left pocket. Then she grabbed her laced boots as she slipped them on she grabbed her backpack, heading out the door. It was a very cold day though the winter never seemed to faze her as others. She looked down at the ground as she began to think what her father had told her last night.

:flash back:

Yuri was called back to Heaven by her father who wanted to speak with her and it was important she made it back as fast as she could. Yuri thought it would have been more on the battle between the demons but what he wanted to talk about was nothing on the battle. Yuri was his best fighter though he didnt like the fact that his own daughter wanted to fight in the war but it was her choice. Yuri then shortly arrived in her fathers and mothers council room. "You called for me father?" Yuri asked. Both her parents looked up and smiled seeing their daughter was safe.

"Yuri we need you to drop out of school and return here finishing your schooling here in Heaven." Her father stated. Yuri was shocked to hear him say this.

"But father why?" She asked. She didnt want to return to Heaven so soon she still had much to learn about the humans.

"Well honey we believe the prince is in that school and he is trying to find you and challenge you one on one and take you out. Though I know your......." Her mother started when she rudely interrupted her.

"Thats not good enough for me to return home, if this prince wishes to challenge me then let him im not scared. I have fought many battles and have won and this so called 'prince' of demons hasnt even dared to show himself. So why now?" She asked. Her father sighed knowing this was going to happen with her he tried to reason with her but it was no good she left and with out a word she returned to Earth though......now she began to think of her fathers words.

:End of Flash:

Yuri kept walking when Amroas came from behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up lightly. Startled she looked behind her to see him. "Yuri you shouldnt think to much you look sad." Amroas replied softly as he sat her down and smiled at her. "Is something wrong?" He asked. Yuri looked at Amroas. He was her human boyfriend though she didnt think they would be together for two years and she didnt know how to tell him she was an Angel. She sighed slightly.

"Well my father wants me to return home but i dont want to go back." She replied. Amroas looked at her.

"What? Why now when it seems you just got here thats not fair for him to pull us a part. Did he say why?" Amroas asked.

"He believes its to dangerous for me to be so far way from home. I think he is just being a dad and misses me being around the house." She replied. Amroas sighed as they began to walk to school.

"Are you going to go back?" He asked looking at her. She sighed.

"I.....I dont know if I will I need more time to think." She replied. He smiled as they began to hold hands.

"Take your time no rush......well i wont rush you that is for sure." He replied. Yuri smiled she knew she could count on him.

"Thank you and im glad you wont rush me." She replied with a smile. Shortly the two had reached the school and separated since they had different classes. The day had ended. Amroas had walked Yuri home like he always did as they kissed good-bye Amroas began to walk home. A shadow had appeared and Amroas just glared at the shadow.

"Prince your father wants to know if you have found her yet?" The shadow replied.

"No I havnt yet she is some where here I know it." He replied. The shadow sighed.

"Well maybe that girlfriend of yours is making it hard for you to find her. You know your father is not happy that your dating a human." The shadow replied.

"And I dont give a s**t. She is not getting in the way." He shouted and with that the shadow vanished. He sighed knowing he was going to get chewed out for this. The war was only two days away and he still couldnt find her. Though the two didnt know that they were right under each others noses.

"Well your father wants results as soon as you get them if not you have to return home so we can begin the war with or with out finding the Gods precious daughter." The shadow replied as he vanished. Amroas sighed what was he going to do now? He got home and it seemed like the day wasnt even there anymore it was night fall already. He turned into his demon form since humans couldnt see him and he walked into the town maybe she would be out.....though if he had headed to the park he could have found her faster. Yuri was in the park in her Angel form. She could feel a demon close but she was hiding her aura she began to think of what her father wanted.

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Christopher Hall JMR
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Nov 21, 2008 @ 06:48pm
can my avi be her bf?

commentCommented on: Wed Dec 10, 2008 @ 03:59pm
No cuz I need something else sorry.

Raven Tira
Community Member
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