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Sapphires story
Hey this is Sapphire read about me or my role plays......once I get ideas that it ^_^ But if you like one of my stories and want to have fun and role play as one of them I would be more then happy to let you. Besides in the end if you have a good ide
Angel of Light
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It had been a long battle between the Demons and Angels. Sapphire had fought long and hard. She was their best fighter never giving up and fighting tell the death. She had been well known with in the worlds but none ever knew what she looked like in the Demon world. None had lived to tell nor knew her name. Finally the gods decided by ending this war they will send their best. With that the god of the Demons sent his son. He took a step forward with a grin on his face. Sapphire then took a step forward, the prince began to laugh.
"Your kidding right? The Gods best is some girl?" He asked. She only stood there and smiled.
"Is something wrong? Or are you just scared to fight a girl?" She asked with a laugh. The Demon clinched his hand into a fist.
"How dare you ask if a Demon is scared." He replied with anger in his tone of voice. She was still laughing.
"Then draw your weapon or back off." She replied. She clapped her hands together as a long white staff appeared in her hand. She had put her hand down and sat the staff up so it rested on the ground standing straight up. He grinned.
"Your a brave one for saying such things to me." He replied. He put his hand out as darkness surrounded his hand and a blade appeared in his hand.
"Enough talk, time to fight." She replied. She jumped off the ground as she flapped her white wings heading straight at him. He stood calm, as she got closer she went to swing her staff but he was too fast for her. He had already side stepped her and had grabbed her weapon and her arm. He snapped her weapon in half with the one hand. He had grabbed her throat with his free hand so she couldnt go anywhere then he placed his other hand on her neck. She put her hands on his as she felt him adding more pressure keeping her from breathing. Her face showed pain he had looked at her, for some odd reason her look that she was giving was causing him pain. He shock his head and began to add more pressure.
"No, stop please let her go. You win just please spear my daughter." The Gods voice rang. He didnt want to lose her like this, though he knew she could have died but she had been his best and he was stronger then he thought. The other God laughed.
"Dont stop finish her, teach him the lesson of letting his daughter fight in a war." He replied.
"As you wish." He replied. He pulled her closer as she had tears running down her face of pain. He grinned. "Does it hurt?" He asked. He got a better look at her and his eyes grew with shock. "Yuri?" He asked soft. His grip loosened on her throat as she fell to the ground, he caught her before she fell to the ground. She looked at him.
"H-How do you.....know that name?" She asked. Yuri was her human name.
"Its me Amroas." He replied. Amroas was his human name. The human she had fallen in love with, though she had no idea he was a Demon.
"Amroas?" She said softly. The God of Hell grew angry with him.
"Why are you not finishing her?" He asked.
"Because." He replied as he got up and held her in his arms. "I love her father." He replied.
"Your a Demon and she is an Angel it will never work." He shouted. But Amroas did not care. He looked at her.
"Do you still love me though you know who I am?" He asked her. She nod her head. She had fallen for him when he was a human he went back on his kin for her she did the same for him.
"Sapphire if you go with him you will never be allowed to enter heaven again." He looked at him.
"I know." She replied softly. They had turned as they both began to walk away, he waved his hand and banished her from heaven and she was never allowed to return to her kin. Her father sighed. "I see, so this is the life you choose now?" He ask softly. They had reached the edge of heaven. He took her hand and looked at her.
"Close your eyes." He replied. She smiled as she did as he asked. She closed her eyes slowly, she then felt him release her hand. She then wondered why he did. Then she heard laughing as she slowly opened her eyes to see he was no longer next to her. She hurried and turned around to see him behind her.
"Amroas?" She asked softly. He grinned.
"Stupid girl, did you really think I loved you?" He asked. "Ha you angels fall in love to easy." He replied. He walked up to her as he could tell he had down some pain to her as she had started to shed tears. He got closer to her and kicked her making her fall down to Earth. She spread her wings as she fell a bit then flipped around heading back to Heaven. She got closer when she had hit something. She looked up and tapped the shield.
"No father let me back in." She shouted but it was too late. She looked up and in horror she had watched the man she thought she loved kill her father.
"Heaven belongs to the Demons now and next is Earth so if you wish to defend them you better get stronger if you ever wish to beat me." He replied as he dropped her fathers dead body on the ground and left him there so she could see his dead body. She took deep breaths.
"You will pay for this." She shouted. She turned from Heaven as she hurried to Earth. She had landed in a forest deep with in the mountains. She had walked over to a cave and walked deep with in.
"Who dare enters?" The voice rang.
She looked at where the voice had come and only said five words"Its me The Angel of Darkness." She replied.

I did this while I am half a sleep I will do a better job at it when I am more awake but enjoy. Her and the Amroas have more of a history but I will make a human avi and explain more when I have more about it.

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Hell Hounds Fiery Wrath
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commentCommented on: Tue Nov 18, 2008 @ 07:11pm
Nice job, even for someone who was half asleep! It's sad that he would trick Yuri that way.

commentCommented on: Wed Nov 19, 2008 @ 06:44am
Ya but it adds more fun to the story by doing so. And thank you I will add a bit more detail next time give me a few days and I will add so much more to make this story more fun to read. Granted it already is but still ^^

Raven Tira
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