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Sapphires story
Hey this is Sapphire read about me or my role plays......once I get ideas that it ^_^ But if you like one of my stories and want to have fun and role play as one of them I would be more then happy to let you. Besides in the end if you have a good ide
Trapped in a Dreamers World
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Sapphire awakened with a subtle yawn. Her skin pale in color for she slept a very long time. She rubbed her ageless eyes and looked around with her gray soulless eyes. She soon realized that she was no longer in her homeland, but in some kind of… Dream Land.

"Where am I?" She asked softly. She looked at her clothing. She noticed a massive change in the way she was dressed. In stead of her rugged blood-stained outfit she grew to love so dear, she was in a gradient blue and white dress. There was a strap surrounding her body. She felt her back and saw a glistening hour glass. As she touched it, white butterflies began fluttering around her. She slowly got up off the soft snowy ground. As her fox ears flickered a bit and her tail flickered back and fourth.
"I need to get out of here…!" She said with great urgency. She began to wander about the land as she did ever step she took butterflies would fly up from the ground… She saw trees covered in diamond filled snow, roads coated with a gentle shade of white, and glistening snowflakes as they fell from the sky. She saw a pitch-white castle in the distance. She dashed towards it with haste. She looked at the doors with a nervous twitch as she opened them…
"Hello?!" She shouted. "Is anyone here?" No answer… She walked mid way of the castle when dark black demonic chains came up from the around and wrapped around her wrists. She tired to struggle but it was no use. “Ahh!!” She shouted. “Let me go!!” She could hear children laughing in the distance.
"Who's there?" She asked. “Show yourselves!!”
Little girls in soft pink, blue, and white dresses and little boys in blue and white tuxes surrounded her... She looked at them with sudden terror.
"What do you want with me?" She asked.
They looked at her and smiled.
"We want you to play with us, Sapphire!" The girls replied and giggled.
"Yes Sapphire!” One of the boys yelled. “It’s time to play!”
Suddenly the chains began to stretch…
“AAAAHHH!!!” She screamed.
“How will you escape, Sapphire?” A little girl asked” You cant escape your mind, Sapphire.”
“No…! I’ll find a way!” Sapphire yelled.
They laughed…

Will she get out? I will add more to the story later but this is what I have thought of and later I will even add more detail to the story. Hope you enjoy it.
Special thanks to Captain Arcane he helped me with this part

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commentCommented on: Tue Nov 11, 2008 @ 03:42am
Woah, That a wonderful and original story.
I would have never thought of it. Great imagination!
I'm very impress and want to know the upcoming parts.
Pretty Nice job!

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