Chapter I;

"Come eat breakfast, darling. I have the early shift this morning so I won't be able to drive you."

Truthful words from my mother, early in the morning. Her kindness running through my veins and waking me up, I walked to the shower. After 3 minutes of being soaked with steaming hot water, I got dressed and walked downstairs, still a little dazed from my quick wake-up.
I took the only free seat at the table, and looked into my bowl. Cereal. Fine. I looked up. My dad was eating fast and reading the paper, as usual. My mother, across from my father, smiling brightly at her two children. My older sister, frowning as she crunched her way through her cereal. My mother's smiles had no effect on her.
I picked up my spoon, dipped it into my cereal, and suddenly lost the reason to pick my spoon back up. I let it go, it rolled around inside the bowl for a few moments, and then stopped. I picked up the orange juice and poured it into my glass. My dad looked up from his newspaper as quick as a jack-rabbit can hop, and started talking to me.
I fumbled with the orange juice in this exact moment and spilled some. Whoops., I thought to myself. My father sighed and looked a bit angry. He frowned upon my mistake. My sister was already frowning. My mother was already out of the table and coming back with the paper towels and some chemical-filled bottles like it was her life's dream to clean up a few drops of spilled orange juice.
I had to get back on track.
"Yes, dad?" I asked him.
"Are you excited about your first day of 9th grade? Your going on the same bus as your sister now, right?" So-said the all-knowing one.
"Yeah, I think, right?" Said I, knowing I shouldn't be rude. I turned to my sister Kat for help.
"Huh? Oh, yeah." She replied, not really caring.
I gritted my teeth silently and turned back to my father's glare. Something tells me it was supposed to be warm and soft, but boy did it come out below-0 and boulder-hard.
He turned back to his food without saying a word, which felt even worse. I picked my spoon back up, and ate some, too.

Chapter II;

My younger sister, Caitlin, she's such a doofus. And this year she's in my school. Mine! How harsh this world can be. Mom is always on her side, like just this morning she barged into my room huffing and puffing, and screaming. I went into the shower, got out, and heard my Mom, the very same Mom who came into my room screaming at me, was whispering and hugging my lil' sister awake. I stormed down to the kitchen table, purposely trying to frustrate my mother. Now my Dad, he must be on my side. He smiled at me as I came down to the table, greeted me, and even asked me if I was excited. You see, today's my first day of my last year. Um, let me make it clearer. This is the first day of 12th Grade for me, Caitlin is in 9th grade now, which means she's on my bus. I was just about to start conversation with my Father when all of a sudden little Miss sunshine comes down the stairs and joins us. I stuff my mouth with cereal, indicating I don't want to talk. My mother smiles, probably more at her than at me. I start to worry about school for the day, I'm bound to meet up with Caitlin some time in the day. I start to plan my way around the school to avoid her when Caitlin suddenly asks me a question.
She must have been talking with dad, the only subject she fails in.
"Yeah, I think, right?" I hear her say. Her eyes beg me for help but my eyes see horns on her head.
"Huh? Oh, yeah." I think, mistakenly sounding like I've just come out of a coma. I bite my tongue, the equivalent to yelling at a small child. It needed some scolding to repair that mistake. My voice, too, because it was cracking. But no matter how far my teeth tried to reach, they just couldn't reach my vocal cords.

The bus ride was a disaster. I walked onto the bus and I felt something rubbing against my back. I turned around to see what it was, and it was Caitlin, huddling against me as if I were her night in shining armor. And frankly, that was just SO wrong.
I walked quickly to the back of the bus. I hadn't known that she had followed me all the way to the back until she was pushing her way into my seat. I glared at her, it didn't work. I waited longer, she was still there!
Some kids in the other seats started giggling at us.
"Shutup." I replied coldly.
"Kat!" Caitlin gasped dramatically.
That set everyone off. They all started laughing hysterically, They looked at Kat Zheriino as Little Sis's Pet.

Even Caitlin fake laughed when everyone else was laughing. Probably to make herself look better.
Sometimes I really hate that girl...

Chapter III;


The bus was so much fun! I got on and I have to admit I was a little nervous, but I started talking and guess what, they all seemed to love me! I couldn't see Kat's face since she was sitting in front of me, almost completely blocking the view of my newly-found friends, and that was okay because I could just push her shoulder a little bit and I could see 'em. And I bet she was cracking up, and was trying to hide it from me. There have been more open sisters.
I got off the bus and immediatley my sister ran ahead. I guessed that she was rushing to class, so I tried to keep up. I saw her look behind her back a couple times, so I just screamed to her 'It's O.K. Kat! I'm right behind you!' since I was only a couple people back, but I don't think she heard me. And then I saw her run up to a boy. I thought I had seen him before, but I wasn't so sure. Maybe he was a friend? She had stopped at the boy and I was almost caught up with her when I froze. The rush of teenagers flowed passed me, Kat, and the Boy, like a stream flowing around a stone. Only because what I saw made me stop dead. Made me stop right there, where I could have been run over by teens rushing to their classes, because what I saw was my older sister Kat kissing that boy on the lips.

I only moved when an 11th Grader bumped into me accidentally, and reacted like it was my fault, which, it kind of was.
"Oh, I'm so sorry! A-are you okay? I'm sorry I stopped I just...uh-" I turned around but the teenagers were in the way of the view.
"You should be sorry. Like, oh my gawd, this is High-School. You don't just stop in the middle of the ha-" She stopped, stared, and blinked at me. Then she squinted hard, as if she was a blind woman trying to see something, before replying.
"-Hey, do I know you?"
"Doubt it."
"Is your name...your not Caitlin, are you?"
"Um...yeah, but how do you know me?"
Her frown quickly spread to a grin from ear to ear. She half-kneeled down (I'm not that short, she was just really tall!) and hugged me lightly.
"Awww, your so grown up, K!"
I tried to think back who could have possibly called me 'K'. Well, there was Elissa when I was in 7th grade, but she was in my grade. And then it snapped back to me.
I practically screamed! But somehow we had moved half-way down the hall and Kat was out of sight. We must have been pushed by the crowd.
Lorii walked up to my locker with me, and even showed me where my first class was. (Even though I already knew, but Lorii plans to grow up to be a teacher)
Then she left, and the image of my sister returned to me.
If more now than ever, she deserved punishment. Punishment for making me sick. Punishment for disobeying our parents, and Punishment for being her. And and extreme one as well...

Chapter IV;

IM conversation between and on 8/31

ToByBoY: Kat, I haven't seen you in like, forever.
Kittygirl: I know! It's so unfair that I couldn't go to the same camp as you!
ToByBoY: So, run past me again why your parents wouldn't allow you?
Kittygirl: I had to babysit my lil' sis while my parents went to Australia for 3 weeks, the same 3 weeks that started the camp thing.
ToByBoY: Damn, that sucks. Well at least I'll see you tommarrow, right?
Kittygirl: Yeah, I guess. Sometimes I really hate my sister.
ToByBoY: You should really like her more than you do. I only get to see my big brother, like, once a year!
Kittygirl: Isn't your bro like, a first-class photographer?
ToByBoY: Hell yeah. Guess what I get from him on my birthday? Photos of the places he's been to.
Kittygirl: lol
ToByBoY: ... not funny, it sucks. I'd kill to have your little sis.
Kittygirl: Well then, you can have her! And guess what, buddy boy?
ToByBoY: What?
Kittygirl: You get to meet her tommarow.
ToByBoY: Oh, well then, I can't wait to meet Caitlin. (That's her name, right?)
Kittygirl: Yeah, it's her name. But you'll just have to wait, and I'll bet you a kiss that after you meet her, you'll wish you had had more time to wait.
ToByBoY: Well then, a bets a bet, right?
Kittygirl: Hell yeah!
ToByBoY: *spits in his hand and holds out his hand to shake*
Kittygirl: EW! GROSS! No way!
ToByBoY: lol
Kittygirl: not funny!!!
ToByBoY: Can't wait to see ya again, Kat.
Kittygirl: Can't wait to see you, Toby. Ily.
ToByBoY: Ilyt. G'night. Sleep tight, baby.
Kittygirl: No.
ToByBoY: lol.

[End Of Conversation at 9:56PM]

Chapter V;

I got up to the sound of my freakin annoying alarm.
I whispered to it, still asleep.
It didn't really seem to hear me. I tried again.
I was a little more awake this time, but the beeping must have been to loud for it to hear me, so I took a course of action. I jumped up from my bed, picked up the alarm, and threw it at the wall. It turned off, it didn't break, but it sure as hell woke me up!
"Oh, so it really does work."
I blinked a few times, still curious about how it did it.That suddenly stopped when I turned around, startled at my Mother's frustrated voice.
"TOBY, are you up yet!?"
I screamed back down the stairs. I was practically dancing in my head, the emotions I felt for today were the strongest ever. Joy flowed over me without warning, and I couldn't find an outlet soon enough. I danced into the bathroom, took a shower while singing 'Hot n' Cold' by Katy Perry (pretty gay, right?), and continued singing it in my head while I got dressed, got everything ready for school, and ran down the stairs. I passed by the toaster, it suddenly popped, and I somehow caught the pop-tart mid-air. With that I woke up from Toby-land.
"Hold on, this isn't a cartoon..." I said to myself.
"Hm?" My mother looked up from her paper.
"Nothin' " I replied back to her. I rarely use teenager-slang, but this seemed like an occasion for it. "Gotta run, Mom!"
"Okay, bye sweetie!"
"Love ya mom, bye!"
And with that Hot n' Cold continued to play, even as I hopped into my car.

Chapter VI;

I practically sprinted off the bus, which must have looked so stupid, but whatever, right? I didn't want Caitlin to catch up with me. I kept looking behind my back as I quickly headed up 2 flights of stairs to one particular locker which belonged to one particular boy. I couldn't see Cait, which, as her older sister, got me a little worried, and then I found her in the crowd (which I have to admit actually made me smile - a rare event for Katherine, third most popular girl in 12th grade, otherwise known as Kat, to do for her lil' sis, Caitlin. and then I saw Lorii catching up with her, and I got a little jealous over my little sister. I can't tell you how much I wanted to go grab Caitlin by the arm and scream at Lorii "MINE!", but Lorii was doing exactly what I wanted, so I kept moving.
I got to his locker in no time, and it was only when he turned to look at me that I realized how tan he had gotten of the summer. Hotter than ever. I just had to blush.

"Hey...Toby" I said slowly, sounding cute and innocent.
"Hey Kat, 'aven't seen you all summer. Sucks you couldn't go to the camp, eh? We did archery."
"And that is why you suck so much." I crossed my arms and nodded to my comment.
He laughed, I grinned. If it had been anyone else laughing, I would have torn them in half. But Toby's laughter is contagious, and I love it more than anything. I savor it whenever I can.
"So...uh...can we hang out at lunch today...uh...together?" I tried to smile brightly.
"Sure Kat, but I gotta run - 'kay? Love ya!" He kissed me on the lips. Did not see that one coming. I nearly ran away.
"Bye!" He yelled to me halfway down the hall.
I blushed and could only whisper as I was feelings my lips if it was real 'bye...' but I didn't need a mirror to see if my lipstick was smudged to see if it had all been real. He looked like he had borrowed a stick of his Mom's lipstick and didn't know how exactly to apply it. I could only grin at his foolishness, once again.
I looked at my watch - OH MY GOD. I only had 2 minutes left! I sprinted up to my locker, despite the weight of my bags, ran to my class, and sat down just as the bell rang.

Chapter VII;

I was completely horrified. What a monster my sister was! What a brat! What a jerk! In my mind I started calling her names, even though I understood perfectly well it wasn't fair and it wasn't her fault. She was just trying to keep little nosy me out of her business. That's the only reason I didn't know. But it didn't stop the flow of name-calling throughout my mind.

'b***h, Jerk, Witch, how dare you, if I ever...'
"Caitlin?" I haden't even noticed my name had been called. My face was still stuck in my trapper keeper, doing my 'Do Now'.
They repeated themselves.
"Caitlin Zheriino? You've been called to the Main Office"

I heard a few 'Ooo' s, but nobody dared speak after the teacher glared at the three bold idiots.
I walked over to the teen holding me a pass, as soon as I took it she scurried off, back to her class, like she was handing me a death-scroll. I rolled my eyes, turned the corner, and ran down the stairs.
I passed Kat's level. I grunted and ground my teeth together.
'b***h...' I called out under my breath.
I stormed down the 2nd Floor's flight of stairs. Then down the 1st's.
And then I reached the main office.

" 'Ello." I greeted them.
"Hello Ms. Zheriino. Your parents called, your sister will be down shortly with her stuff. You should get your things, as well. They said they were going away? I'm sorry to hear that. We'll miss you, Ms. Zheriino." The woman behind the front desk replied, without even a glance from behind her computer.
Uh-duh, nobody like that would have the heart to miss anybody else. They only took that job most likely because they needed the money, or they were forced to take the job. Cruel b***h.
I grunted.
"Sure." I tried on my most polite tone but my voice cracked, so I stormed off, furious with myself, back up to the third floor. I just cannot keep a poker face, that's for sure!
I knew damn well that I was overreacting. As I opened my locker, I could feel my fingers being pinched. I must have been holding the handle pretty hard, because I could feel my bones hitting against the inside of the handle. I let my hand go, and reached inside my locker.
I pulled my coat out first, putting it on as quickly as I could. Of course, that just made it worse, because it turned out this morning I had been in such a rush that the sleeves had turned inside out, and I had to pull them back through now.
I put my scarf on, put my hair up, grabbed my shoulder-strap bag, and took a few of my books.