This is where I'll update my progress with the guild//art.

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Oodles of Noodles.

Stories/Rants/Raves/Excitement/Updates/GuildShit/Art. c:

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Samedi, le premier du Mars, un heure neuf minute, deux-mille-et-quatorze
(Un semain apres ma grand voyager du France!)


Dimanche, Vingt de Octobre, quatre heure midi, deux-mille-et-treize, EST.


Jeudi, cinq de Septembre, trois heure treize, deux-mille-et-treize, EST.


Lundi, huit de jeune, cinq heure trente, deux-mille-et-treize, ********, trente-une janvier. six heure seize. deux-mille-et-treize, EST.


Dimanche, vingt-sept fevrier, ...dix heure quinze, deux-mille-et-onze, EST.
(Last day of Spring Break...just got a new boyfriend. Teehee. <3)

@ @ @

Lundi, trente aout, neuf heure vingt-quatre, deux-mille-et-dix, EST.
(8 Days till Summer's End!)

* * *

Mercredi, dix-sept mars, deux heure dix-sept, deux-mille-et-dix, EST.
(St Patty's day! <3 It be the luck o' the Irish!)

& & &

Mercredi, dix fevrier, douze:quatreize, deux mille et dix, EST (A few days before Valentines day!)

# # #

Saturday, December fifth, two-thousand-and-nine, at four: thirty-three, EST

$ $ $

Saturday, August eighth, two-thousand-and-nine, at three: forty-eight, Irish time.

£ £ £

Tuesday, July fourteenth, two-thousand-and-nine, at eleven:twenty-seven

? ? ?

Wednesday, July eighth, two-thousand-and-nine, at one:nineteen

/ / /

Saturday, June sixth, two-thousand-and-nine, at three:sixteen, the day after my favorite trip of all, the Whale Watch my school gets once for one grade only.

! ! !

Everyone's a dork except me.

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Registered: 04/20/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/05

Occupation: A high schooler!

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My last bio was s**t.

HI! I'm Scarlet. Or rather, that's what you may call me. SECRETS SECRETS///
You're probably wondering who the ******** I am.

WELL i am 17 years old.

I enjoy and regularly participate in archery, horseback riding, sword fighting, drawing, 'ucking, listening to music, smoking pot, painting, the likes. I also do a lot of costume make up! And I cook! I might start a blog soon. I'll keep y'all updated.
Ironically, I don't actually wear any makeup myself. What you see is what you get.
I am usually up for a tinychat. NOPENIS. Only rule.

I like good music.
I am Irish.

I like video games.
I'm also Dutch. It's kind of a 50/50 thing.

I like comic books.
BUT I'M 100% FREE. Yes, that's right. I'm American.

I own an awesome guild with fartastic awesome people. You should join it.

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The Almighty Ali
Ego Fetish
Sir Laine
Rya Dracosin

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So, I'm an artist. I do n***s. Feel free to PM me for art. It won't be free though.


I make art! Like this! In fact, I made this! Feel free to PM me for the deets.