Warning: This story may make you afraid of the woods for the next few months/years, or maybe just for the rest of your life.


It must have all started when I was only 7. Still a kid; still waiting for life's climax. Little did I know I was soon to reach the climax that would seem like forever. Some people say that their weddings are their climax, maybe their love life, their work? For me, my climax was my worst nightmare. The one I never even thought about, the one that was out of my reach, the one that was too advanced for scary movies, the one that could only have been partially imagined in Stephen King's mind. And let me begin by telling you this, this is not one of those kinds of stories where everything goes movie-perfect. This is not a story where writers are especially hired to make scenes where the audience will go "awww".
This is a story where people will feel queasy, where the strong will feel weak, and where the loved will feel hated. This is a story that is one-of-a-kind, and one that does not come from the stressful minds of hired workers. This is one that comes from my mind and heart, well, not so much my heart, but the depths of my mind that only wish I could forget.
Even so, this story is a long and perilous journey into what I am and was forced to remember. I feel other people need to know. You, yes, you, my friend, you have come to listen. To hear my long and dangerous story. Is it for the thrill...or the adrenalin? That's cruel. Listen to my story, and all I ask for is a bit of sympathy and kindness.

So let me truly, begin, again, and listen with your ears wide open. It's not a romance novel, but it's a pretty story. Pretty scary.