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Part 10: Ixis Muugen
-Earth, December 28, 2499... On the island of Mawland. Elicia has made some progress, but she is still miles from civilization. The surroundings seem much similar to the crash site; swampy and flooded. There is light drizzle, strong winds, and numerous bolts of lightning are flashing through the sky chaoticly. The thunder is devastingly loud on Elicia's ears.-
Elicia: [Continuously walking through the damp conditions. Despite the torrential rain, the area's geographic design has made it so the area is not too much flooded, as the mainlands are.] (Rocese... I know... I know you believed in the Apocolypse all along... I could sense it. And if you believed... Why didn't you tell me...? Did you know something that I couldn't know? Oh my God... All my life, I've tried to keep positive... It's gotten me far, but... I guess it could for only so long... Now could the time have truly come for everything to end...? I... I have to stay positive... I have to...) [Continues on, relentlessly, hoping for any signs of civilization...But there are no signs... Finally, finding a dry enough spot, Elicia falls to her knees in tears.] I just... can't take it... [sniffles.] Rocese...has always been there for me... He's always held me up when I was down. [sniffles once more.] I needed him to find my strength... Wihtout him, I'm... nothing...
[Thunder at a distance.]
[Elicia sobs as the rainfall begins to pick up again... As this progresses into more of a soaked situation, Elicia raises her head, spotting a shady figure in the distance.]
Elicia: Hm...? Is that...[Leans in a little...] Oh! Hey!! [With that call, she waves desperately.]
[The figure, facing away from Elicia, turns his head a bit, noticing the girl...]
Elicia: [Drops her arm... Something finally races through her mind just as this figure turns his head, almost like hypnosis. With that, she's immediately silenced and motionless, in fear.]
[The figure turns all the way around... He approaches Elicia, who is speechless at the sight of this figure.]
Deep, Calm Voice: ...So, it is you...
Elicia: ...W-who...?
Deep, Calm Voice: There is no need to be alarmed... I will do no harm to you. [The figure appears to be a raccoon furry with dark gray fur. His black is long and spiked in the back, with two large strands coming down, one on each side of his head, as well as a couple strands falling over on eye. His attire consists of mainly black: A long jacket, tight pants with torn marks, black goth boots and gloves, and a black ripped scarf.] My name is Ixis... Ixis Muugen.
-I X I S-
Elicia: [Stepping back.] Ixis...? Wh...What do you want with me?
Ixis: I want to inform you of your brother... Chris.
Elicia: Chris... How do you know about him!?
Ixis: My own foolish sibling attempted to capture him... I was there, watching...
Elicia: [Gasps.] Is Chris alright?!
Ixis: I... Cannot say. He ran at the words my brother had spoken... Ran to oblivion.
Elicia: No... I--he...
Ixis: I know of what has occured, Elicia... I lurk in the darkest shadows...watching...waiting...
[This seems to send a chill up Elicia's spine.]
Elicia: [Shivers a bit.] You spied...on me...? You know about my older brother's fate...?
Ixis: Yes... I was there when I had heard your brother's last words... "Find Chris..."
Elicia: Let me guess... You want me to find Chris also...?
Ixis: Correct... Find Chris...
Elicia: ...But how can I know where he is...? [Lowers her head.]
Ixis: In due time, Elicia Lunhalo... In due time... Eventually, they will come to realize that there is yet another ticking time bomb in reality... If the first fails... [Closes his eyes...]
[In a moment of silence, Ixis begins to merge with the darkness surrounding the area, and literally melts into the ground...in a pool of shadows, leaving Elicia dumbfounded.]
Elicia: ...Ixis...? Where did you--...? ...(How could he know all of that just spying on me...? There has to be more about him... And Chris... Into oblivion? ...) [Shakes her head quickly, ridding the cluster of thoughts gathering in her mind.] Nothing I can do about that now... I have to see if mom and Epathy are okay...
[Without further stalling, Elicia steps forward, over a large puddle, and dashes toward her home.]

Ixxxxxiiiiisssss Muuuuuggggeeeennnnn.
...You had to have seen that comin'.
Part 11: PokeMobius
~~Central City~~

...~~Central City~~{Sonic Series.)
[Near a road leading toward city limits and next to a decently sized building, a large yellow sphere of light appears. It fades quickly, revealing Lucario, Celebi, and Tails. Tails still seems to be a Shinx.]
Tails: [Quickly glances around at the surroundings.] Yes! We're at my lab!
Lucario: So this is the same spot that we had conflict with Mewtwo.
Tails: Precisely! .........Oh...
Celebi: Hm? What's wrong Tails?
Tails: I'm... still a Pokemon. A quick thought told me I'd return to normal here, but... Looks like I'm stuck like this until we can defeat Mewtwo...
Celebi: We'll get you back to normal, no worries... Ah shoot... If Tails is like this, wouldn't that mean that Mewtwo could easily--
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar [Still wearing the uniform.] I gotta get out of here!! [Fleeing at a high speed, at least until he notices the three, who just watch him silently.] ...Huh? ...Did that thing and his freaky friends turn you guys into these creatures also?
Tails: Well, actually... Um... Yes, he did, but... Only to me...
Celebi: Hey, you're from G.U.N., right?
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Yeah... Even so, we stood no chance against those freaks.
Lucario: As expected... Mewtwo is on a rampage already... It looks as if he is abusing Mew's metamorphasis power... Starting with Tails. [Turns his head to Tails.]
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Hm? That's Tails!?
Tails: ...Yep... He got me too.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: This could mean serious trouble... If he got you, then there's no telling what he is capable of... [Turns to Lucario.] You know about this monster?
Lucario: Yes... An infamous enemy of mine, from my world.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Your world, you say? So this expands beyond our little world here... Go figure...
Seductive, Feminine Voice: Finally! I was waiting for you to show up again...
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: That voice... Rouge!
[From an overgrown tree nearby, a bat wearing stealthy, free-form attire decends on to the asphalt next to the G.U.N. Pokemon.]
--R O U G E--
Tails: Rouge? What are you doing here?
Rouge: Aw, Tails? Is that you?
Tails: Y-yeah...
Rouge: I just had a feeling that Mewtwo thing had something to do with your transformation... [Tilts her head a bit and focuses her eyes on the G.U.N. Pokemon.] Yours too...
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Ma'am... May I ask how you know all of this?
Rouge: Oh, simple. It's what I'm good at you know. I watched Tails get surrounded by Mewtwo and his shady friends, and then I saw four brave heroes appear to save him... Well... They sort of did... But then the hideous villain went off on a strange rampage... [Looks at Lucario and Celebi.] You two were part of those four, weren't you?
[Without them responding, Tails cuts in.]
Tails: [Somewhat saddened.] R-Rouge... Couldn't you have helped...?
Rouge: Sorry darling... You know, they key to a victory is to gather knowledge first. You should know that.
Tails: I know, but...
Celebi: You were spying the entire time? Up to now?
Rouge: Mm-hmm. I've found out some pretty helpful info also. It seems this creature is seeking power, and will throw anyone out of the way just to get it, no matter what it takes...
Lucario: So typical of Mewtwo... And that power would be...?
Celebi & Tails: [Unison.] The Chaos Emeralds.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: I knew it. Those 'ol things again...
Rouge: Well, I can easily say good luck to anyone who gets in that echidna's way...
Tails: I dunno... I'm not sure if even Knuckles can handle this on his own... [Turns to the G.U.N. Pokemon.] Were you running from Mewtwo and his shadow minions?
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Shadow minions? I was running from something like that... That pink thing turned me into this, ran off on some assualt, and left the shadow creatures after me... I think they might've just been chasing us off to get us off that monster's tail... So the shadows must be with their leader by now.
Lucario: So with them, Mewtwo has to have left by now... Can you tell us which direction they went?
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: [Scratches the back of his head in thought.] I recall them heading off in that direction, toward the Green Hill area... I'm not sure what they'd be lookking for there.
Tails: Green Hill... Those guys are already spreading unrest...
Celebi: Green Hill is close by as it is, which already tells us we haven't wasted too much time.
Lucario: And I do not intend on waiting any longer. Come quickly, we must stop Mewtwo no matter what the case.
Rouge: I'll join you. Sitting around any longer and just watching would be boring. It's time to see just how "threatening" these things are.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Good luck to you all. Don't get into too much trouble.
Celebi: Don't worry, we'll handle any problems. Stay safe yourself!
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Will do!
[The four rush off north to Green Hill...]
Celebi: [While flying.] So Tails, how come you didn't scavenge anything from your lab? It's not really like you to neglect your stuff.
Tails: [While running.] I gave it some thought, and I already knew that none of us here have any idea who or what we're dealing with now. Plus, I um... lack opposable thumbs. Also, my lab inside was thrashed from one of those darker creatures.
Celebi: Ah... Sorry to hear that...
Tails: It's not your fault. Besides, nothing too important got damaged... Even still, I don't know of anything that can stop someone like Mewtwo... But I know of someone that could...
Celebi: Huh? Reall--oh... Your friend that you told me about... What was his name again?
Tails: ...[Finds a moment to smirk.] Sonic the Hedgehog.
[The group arrives at the southern-most point of Green Hill.]
~~Green Hill~~{Sonic Series.)
Lucario: Is this the right area?
Tails: Yep. This is Green Hill... I don't see any suspicious activity yet though...
Rouge: Mewtwo and his cronies must be deeper in. Let's go.
Celebi: Got it.
[The four continue ahead with a quick pace, making sure no time is wasted in the search. They proceed smoothly... until...]
Lucario: [Suddenly stops, signaling everyone else to do the same.] Wait... The ground. [Points at a puddle of Darkness on the grassy ground.] ...
Celebi: Uh-oh... Trouble...
[Slowly, one of the average Nightmares emerge from the puddle, with a large axe already in hand, and ready to strike... This Nightmare's eyes are bright yellow.]
Celebi: Yep, one of the Nightmares...
Lucario: It's eyes are gleaming yellow...
Tails: What does that mean?
Lucario: [Turns to Tails.] ...Hmm... Tails, was it? You may not realize it, but you have the ability to manipulate electricity, and the color that these shadows' eyes are is the element they sustain maximum damage from.
Rouge: Tails... has that ability?
Tails: I have the power to do that...? But...
[The Nightmare begins to slolwy approach...]
Tails: How do I invoke it?!
Celebi: ...Oh boy... I hadn't though about that...
[Now the Nightmare is closer... It seems to be wakling specifically towards Tails. The other back up, aware that any abilities of their's is completely useless, as far as they know.]
Tails: Oh no... Uh, what do I do!? Guys, help!
Rouge: ...Try thinking about lightning, or anything that was to do with it!
Lucario: Believe you can use the ability!
Celebi: It has to be triggered psychologically, it must be... (I don't know how to activate powers as it is... I wish I can do something to help but... the NIghtmare would just phase through my attacks and do nothing...)
Tails: [Backs up into the corner of a large clifface wall, completely cornered.] No... H-help!! No, I gotta... I gotta try... [Struggles, closing both eyes, trying to perform anything to by him time...]
[The creature closes in...]

To be Continued.....
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