Ok... This is a bit late to introduce more characters... BUT, I will continue to do so! I don't play by the book!... Most of the time... I guess... Or something, I don't know.
Anyway, bad news... Some of these characters? Well I can't find their FREAKING PICTURES!!... Most of you(I hope) Will get the big picture... Lol, get it?... Haha...ha...ha... sweatdrop

User Image(Krystal, Starfox Series. *No Picture of Prince Tricky*...Starfox Series.)

User Image(Metal Sonic, Sonic Series.)
User Image(Chaos, Sonic Series.)
User Image(Tikal, Sonic Series.)
User Image(Mewtwo, Pokemon Series.)
User Image(Mew, Pokemon Series.)
User Image(Lucario, Pokemon Series.)
User Image(Jirachi, Pokemon Series.)
User Image(Dusknoir, Pokemon Series.)
User Image(Grovyle, Pokemon Series.)
User Image(Zant, Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.)
User Image(Poochyena/Wolf Link, Double Slash.)
User Image(King Mickey, Disney Series/Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Donald, Disney Series/Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Goofy, Disney Series/Kindgom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Cloud, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, VII, Advent Children/ Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Squall[Leon], Final Fantasy VIII/Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(SEPHIROTH!!! BELIEVE IT OR FREAKIN' NOT!!! Final Fantasy Crisis Core, VII, Advent Children/Kingdom Hearts Series.)
User Image(Da Ji, Warriors Orochi.)
User Image(Liu Bei[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)
User Image(Epathy Lunhalo,[Already Appeared.]Feral Worlds, Sync(1), Sync(2).)

That's all I can think of for now. Stay tuned, or w/e...