Writing to clear up that PIT OF ANGST my last journal was and also because I'm bored and doing nothing else besides reading Encyclopedia Dramatica entries, even though I could be watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, I'm just too lazy to go open it?

So I've been starting to attend school full-time again. It actually feels good to do something besides rot at home, although it's harder to distract myself at school. Drama is as fun as always though, and I'm really glad that I'm getting a second chance to be in the play. Everyone seemed glad to have me back, so I'm happy. ^^; Now I just need to work on my script. I need to be able to recite every line perfectly by Monday! Mr. MacAskill says that we may preform the week before the school ends, so that's not too far away...

He's really a great teacher. I had apologized to him personally for being absent for so long because I really like his class, and he was very understanding that I'm sure I had my own personal reasons, and welcomed me back and said that he really wanted me to do that part.

So me and Azzy are thinking about opening an art shop. I've wanted to do it, but I've always been so lazy... even now I need to cook up some good examples of artwork if we're gonna put this together. I hope that people will commission us. Speaking of artwork, I really need to work on my realism! I've been drawing realism pictures of my cat, but maybe that's not exactly helpful... xD (He doesn't even sit still half the time anyways, he's a very uncooperative model. >.> wink

Man, so tomorrow is Friday! I'm so glad, tomorrow is gonna be so much fun~ Two parties in one weekend, nyuu. ^.^

Also, Happy Birthday Kora! You're now old enough to buy your own porn... -cough- Just kidding. I think? xD Anyways this weekend is gonna be aweeessommee~


Well anyways, Eternal's out until probably Monday when I'll write about the events of the weekend! heart Sayonara~


I still miss you though.