This weekend was definitely loads of fun, and today was pretty good too except for when I got drenched from being stuck in the middle of the worst part of the rain. >.>

So this weekend I slept over at Ma-chan's with Azzy, Tasha, and Aaron. I went to Widdifield after school where I was supposed to meet up with Mason, Tasha, and Chantel... but I was the only one who showed up. XD So me and Ma-chan hung around the school and listened to epic band music and ate a chocolate bar and had whistling contests in the hall until his dad's friend came to pick us up.

So before anyone else got there, I was reading Bleach (which I should really start reading online sometime or another) and listening to musics with Mason on the couch until Azzy and Aaron arrived and Tasha not too long from them. I was trying to play Virtua Fighter and failing hardcore. XD I bit (not literally) anyone who tried to take the controller from me to try www <3

Virtua Fighter is so not much more fun then Soul Calibur or Tekken... or maybe I just suck at it too much... I don't know. >.>

We did stuff like watch videos on the computer and eat pizza, and I danced like an idiot to the songs Ma-chan played...

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Ni-hao Nyan Gorgeous Delicious Deculture! ^.^

And of course Carmelldansen.

And my Hanamaru Sensation dance. XD;

Oh oh! And we got to mess around Ma-chan's dad's music equipment. He's a musician so he had a full band set! O: I sang my little heart off and others messed around on the keyboard and drums. Mason's dad said I sounded like the Little Mermaid when I sing... XD;; I think that's a compliment??

We slept in the trailer which isn't as spacious as Brandon's trailer but still pretty good. I was stuck in the little hammock because I'm the smallest. We found out later it wasn't really a hammock but one of those lofts for storing things, but I slept very comfortably nonetheless. XD;

We played Truth or Dare before we went to sleep and Azzy and Tasha kept daring eachother to go into this closet bathroom. It was really funny, but you had to be there to think so. >.>

We had delicious pancakes in the morning then were driven straight to Kora's house. Tasha and Mason went to Tasha's house to get something (they were gone for a few hours >.> wink so I was with Kora, her girlfriend Steph, and Chantel for a little while. I played Soul Calibur against Kora and then we all played Brawl ^^ I love playing Brawl with people who are actually my skill level, because it actually makes me feel somewhat competent. I won quite a few rounds with my Toon Link. <3

We went to find Carolyn on the corner, and she drove us to pick up Gabby where Karlie (she kept glomping me >.> wink and I think maybe her boyfriend? were also there with her at Tim Hortons, and Kora bought donuts for everyone (I got a danish &333) and then we drove to Blockbuster and got a movie, then went back to the house and played more Brawl until Tasha and Mason got back. We had really good pizza and ice cream (which Carolyn and Gabby got) and cake. ^^

We played Dirty Minds, then we watched the movie which Gab picked out - it was a movie about homosexuality, but it uh... started to get a little too graphic so we turned it off. &.& (Gabby watched it on her own later and reported that it was an awkward movie) So we watched Futurama the Movie instead (which was pretty good but also weird in a funny way) then went to bed. I talked poor Tasha's ear off about Tsubasa because she wanted to know about it. XD;

Also about Tsubasa -- WHYY CLAMP WHYYYY!! Why go on a month hiatus after that chapter?! Oh what a cute chapter it was though. T.T Hurry up and come back...

The next day wasn't much special. I woke up (last of course) and we ate french toast breakfast, then played a bit more Brawl, then Mason helped me practice my script for Drama which I didn't too well on the latter parts, but I went home and studied it later and memorized the whole thing and ended up being the only one in the whole class who knew their lines perfectly. Mr. MacAskill pointed that out in front of the whole class and said I was good to go. XD I was a little embarrassed but very proud of myself because I don't often get acknowledged for good things. I think I got a very good mark because knowing the script by today was worth 10% of the overall grade.

After school I biked to the Hock Shop to pick up a Gamecube controller hopefully for cheap, but I discovered they sell them there for more expensive then they do at the actual store. -.- So I went to bike back to the mall but got caught in the worst part of the rain and was drenched by the time I got there. z.z So I bought a 3rd party controller (MadCatz brand) for $10 and also some ribbons and elastics for my hair at Dollarama, but the ribbons turned out not to be very long and therefore almost useless for my hair... but they're very pretty. >.<

Oh, I also ran into Dustin and Danika there too, but I didn't get to talk to them for very long.

And that's basically everything vaguely interesting. o.o; I should probably be doing my choir folder now. I was trying to do it earlier but my mom picked a fight with me and I stormed downstairs and forgot to take my scissors and glue with me. -.-; I didn't really want to go upstairs after that either.

Tomorrow I will play Twilight Princess for sure. ^^; It's about time I beat that game, I mean really... everyone has beaten it already at least a year ago... I want Windwaker so sooo bad. >.< But Alex wants $20 dollars for it and I think I probably only have $8 now. He doesn't even play it... not fair...

Well anyways, that's all for now. Ciao for now~~ heart Eternal's out!