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Roleplay Characters
Regular RP characters that I favour can be found here although I won't post them up until I have pictures for them.
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This is one of my favourite and most precious characters. I utterly love it when I find an opportunity to use her. Sadly it seems every RP I've tried to use her in has died. crying

Anyway, the images are clickable and it'll take you to the full-sized images. I hope you like the profile. smile And, yes, those are literally the only clothes she owns.

Name: Ílima
Race: Elf
Age: 190 (Human equivalent of 19)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Long and green, almost to behind my knees.
Piercings / Tattoos: None.
Scars / Birthmarks: None.
Background: In her home kingdom, the child of the King who had violet eyes was to be named his heir. Ílima's father, the King of Elves, had an older son Malinan who was born with green eyes and many years later, Ílima's mother, the Queen, died giving birth to her, starting the permanent burden of guilt Ílima struggles under. To her father's delight, she was a beautiful girl born with violet eyes making it her destiny to ascend to the throne when her father died.
Unfortunately, as the years passed, Ílima and her father argued more and more over the traditions of the land. She wanted to change them because she felt they were unjust and this was not popular with him or the majority of the people. Her brother protected her for the most part but when she was 189, she did something even he could not protect her from. She brought a human to the Elvish lands.
Although her Father was loathe to do it (As he still loved her dearly despite their differences and arguments.), he had no choice and so banished her from the kingdom, never to return until the day he died and she was to take the throne. Until that time, however, she was considered less than a peasant in the eyes of her people and thrown out of the land.
Now, she is forced to travel in the lands of other races and try to live until the day she has to return home, knowing that she'll never see her father again because of it.
Personality: Ílima is very shy and gets embarrassed all too easily. She is obsessed with modesty and will get extremely embarrassed and upset if her or people around her are not dressed modestly -- To the point of tears if she can't leave or fix the problem.
She is very well mannered and always tries her best to polite even when others are being rude. It is very hard to make her angry although hurting people she cares for is the easiest way although not to be recommended because she is extremely fearsome when angered. Afterwards she tends to spend a long time crying as the adrenaline wears off and she feel guilty for losing control.
Other elves considered her the most beautiful Elf of her generation but felt it was marred by her perceived rebellious nature -- where in fact it is just her insistence on justice and equality rather than actual rebelliousness.
Her banishment weighs heavily on her mind and causes her to be too ready to accept punishments whether just or not -- all that matters is she probably deserves it, in her eyes. She avoids questions about her past unless someone can successfully guilt her into telling them by which point she will usually end up full of shame and take a long time to recover.
She misses her family dearly and wishes she could see them again, especially her brother who she loves dearly.
A combination of her shyness and her perceived rebellion unfortunately meant she had no friends at home which has made her even more shy and also a little withdrawn. When she starts getting close to someone she tends to try her best to convince that person she is a bad person and that they shouldn't make friends with her. If they manage to get her past that stage then usually she becomes very good friends with them.
Unbeknownst to even Ílima, she is in fact bisexual although she is convinced she is heterosexual. It usually takes another girl to make the first move before she realises this fact. Getting into a romantic relationship tends to cheer her up immensely and is also one of the few ways guaranteed to make her reveal her past. Being an innocent even for a virgin and never been kissed, she's very inexperienced in the ways of love and a lot of the time won't realise someone has feelings for her or vice-versa.

  • Manners - Manners and politeness are big things to her.
  • White - Ílima loves the colour white. All the clothing she has a choice in is white.
  • Brother - Ílima's brother is the only one that truly understands her. She misses him so much.
  • Fur - She knows it’s kind of weird, but Ílima loves the feeling of fur. Whenever she touches something furry, she just has to stroke it. She looks forward to winter when she gets fur blankets to help keep her warm at night.
  • Working - Ílima likes to keep busy.
  • Nature - Perhaps a stereotype, but Ílima loves nature.


  • Immodesty - She dislikes rudeness and immodesty. Really, there is no excuse for either.
  • Hypocrites - Ílima dislikes hypocrites. She finds it upsetting that someone cannot live what they preach. What is the point in it?
  • Human Cities - She doesn't like human cities. Far too crowded and too artificial. How can humans stand having so many people crammed together in so little space? Cities in her homeland were built into the forest itself, meaning the homes were well spaced out and nature dictated how our city grew. It was so beautiful, she misses it.
  • Traditions - She supposes some traditions are good, but many of them Ílima finds are just there as an excuse for people not to grow-up and change their ways. Personally, she thinks good traditions are just part of being well-mannered, any other kinds of traditions are just excuses for bad behaviour.


  • Dying - Most people are afraid of death, but Ílima is really scared of it. If she dies, she’ll leave my people without an heir. Without an heir, there will be no ruler and that could leave the kingdom in a state of utter turmoil. It has never happened before, and she really does not want to be the person responsible for it.
  • Rape - Ílima is a virgin, and she has to admit that she is utterly terrified of being raped. The one problem with being alone in the wilderness is you hear all these tales of slavers and bandits kidnapping women to have their way with them..
  • Close Friendships - She is terrified of letting people get close. She does not want people to get to know my past. It is shameful to her, and she worries that the closer she gets to someone -- the more Ílima feels like she needs to tell them. Ílima tries her best to avoid getting to close to people, but she is not always successful.
  • Crowds - Ílima is scared of big crowds, especially if she is the centre of that crowds attention. She knows it’s an ironic fear considering her background, but she finds it hard to get over it.


  • False Accusations - She hates it when people call her things she is not. Ílima does not see herself as some kid of ‘rebel’ or ‘malcontent’. Ílima is honest to a fault, so it upsets her greatly when people call that honesty into question or accuse her of doing something she knows she did not do.
  • Bullies - Ílima believes people who cause harms to other for no reason than defence are animals.
  • Harm to Friends - She hates it when any friends I have get hurt, either by her or others. She tends not to make friends, but those she has she would defend to her last breath if they were in danger.
  • Myself - Ílima knows how pathetic it sounds, but she cannot help but hate herself.

  • Photographic Memory - Ílima has an almost flawless memory. Sometimes she wishes she could forget, but regardless, she remembers everything she reads and sees.
  • Sewing - Ílima has become quite adept at sewing and working with difficult to wear clothing by forcing her servants to teach her so she could look after herself.
  • Wilderness Survival - Her brother took her on a number of camping trips when they were younger. He taught Ílima how to survive in the wilderness. She is sure she would of probably died of starvation in a ditch by the road if it was not for what he taught her all those decades ago.
  • Court Procedures - She's well versed in all the procedures at the Elvish Royal Court.

Powers: Ílima has the power to draw in and harness the energy present in all life and the very air itself. It is a very tiring discipline but it allows her to do almost anything she can put her mind too, although things she has done often are easier for her to do. The most common things she does with it are to clean things, heal things, throw lightning bolts, form shields and teleport although in theory she could do absolutely anything so long as she has the energy to do so.
Prolonged use of her power makes her extremely tired and usually forces her to eat large amounts of food to maintain the physical energy needed to use her magic and sleep to replenish her mental energy.

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  • User Comments: [4]
    Community Member

    Thu May 29, 2008 @ 04:32am

    Hey, Loving the character, very in depth, are you using this character for anything at the moment.
    Also love the drawing, the style is very cute and fun!

    Community Member

    Fri May 30, 2008 @ 09:21pm

    nice character... smile very well described background, and pointed out everything you could want to know about her. now if i could only do that with my horrible sentence formation skills... =/

    Community Member

    Sun Jun 01, 2008 @ 02:00am

    Bass Man: It was a friend who did the pics for me. ^^ She's extremely talented and I think she was almost perfect at capturing her in an animé style. ^^
    Also yeah I'm using her at the moment although the RP she's in is sort of teetering on the brink of death and the new ones I've joined don't take Elves. sad

    Flimsy: I've been writing for nearly three years. You just need to keep practising and you can get up to the same standards if not better. I'm not really that good of a writer so it really isn't something that is impossible for you.

    Although I need to edit it to remove some grammatical errors I just spotted. -_-

    User Comments: [4]
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