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Roleplay Characters
Regular RP characters that I favour can be found here although I won't post them up until I have pictures for them.
Caliga and Lumen
User ImageName: The Twins: Caliga and Lumen
Race: Immortal
Age: Between 800 and 900 (They can’t remember exactly.) They appear 17
Background: Caliga and Lumen are twins who have really only had each other in their lives. Having lived for a very long time they have learned to stay out of the affairs of mortals for the most part.

They both grew up in an orphanage as mortal children but they soon developed the gift of telepathy. Branded as witches, the town they were in tried to kill them by burning down the orphanage they were living in. Unfortunately for them, the only people they succeeded in killing were everyone else but the two children they actually wanted. It was at that time that the horror of seeing all their friends being burned alive that caused them to transform into immortals – they were thirteen at the time.

Using her newfound powers, Caliga went about the town slaughtering all those who participated in the horrific act that caused her to change. Her brother Lumen used his new powers to go about healing those caught in his sister’s crossfire as well as the very few who were fortunate enough to survive the fire for long enough for him to get to them and restore their bodies to health, albeit with hideous scaring since he found that only minor wounds could be healed without scars.

When his sister was finished they discovered that she had the power to subtly alter appearances and thereby repair the scars left from the fire.

With that, they went on to live their lives as Immortals were expected to live. They were taught the ways of their kind by a secretive being that looks after all Immortals and teaches them their place in the world. During that time they met the other Immortals and one in particular became very close to Caliga, even becoming known as their big sister.

Both of the twins have been married at one point and both were very happy while their spouse lived but it was devastating for both of them when old age finally took them and since they were incapable of impregnating or becoming pregnant all they had was their memories to keep alive.

Both twins will not talk about their past at all unless they trust that person completely and even then, usually only if they are completely in love with the person.
User ImagePersonality: The twins have very different personalities from each other. Caliga is extremely forward, flirtatious, downright rude at times and extremely affectionate for the most part. Lumen, on the other hand, is quiet, shy, polite and rather distant to those he is not close to; when he is close to someone he tends to become very much the opposite although whilst still being polite for the most part.

Due to Caliga’s somewhat stressful first few days as an immortal, her personality is slightly fractured. As her brother puts it, there are three Caligas: Normal, Light and Dark. Normal Caliga is the one almost everyone sees, hyper, flirty, cute, somewhat cruel, and loves to make people uncomfortable – her brother loves her completely but finds her frustrating like this. Light Caliga is extremely rare and in fact only surfaces when Lumen is extremely upset. She becomes extremely understanding, loving and caring almost to the point of complete empathy – her brother wishes she showed this side more often. Dark Caliga only surfaces for those who are unfortunate enough to make her so angry she loses control. This personality is nothing like the others. No humour, no flirting and absolutely no hyperactivity. All it does is methodically and cruelly destroy the object of her hurt and rage before disappearing again and leaving the normal Caliga to deal with the guilt – A task which Lumen takes gladly in the hope that helping her suppress her dark side and deal with the guilt will make it go away completely in the end.

Lumen is extremely protective of her sister although he only shows it when she is in danger, most of the time he appears to be hovering between the point of love and extreme frustration, usually leaning towards frustration when Caliga pulls one of her favourite tricks to try and get him to stop being so shy.

Caliga is also extremely protective of Lumen although she can be found whining a lot about how Lumen never lets her do anything fun and always tells him off, although despite this she still listens to him completely.

Both of them are heterosexual although Caliga has been known to participate in same-sex relations purely to upset Lumen as she will always make sure to do them in front of him (And in fact tried made out with his wife and tried to seduce her when it turned out she was bisexual – the only reason he forgave his sister was because his wife was in on it).
Powers: Caliga has the ability to make cosmetic changes to herself and other people. Her main power, however, is telepathy and control of darkness. She can use darkness to do pretty much anything she wants such as create weapons, barriers and even just make a room dark.

Lumen has the ability to heal himself and other people. His main powers are telepathy, like his sister, and the control of light much in the same way as his sister controls darkness.

Like all Immortals, the Twins have the ability to teleport to any place they can think of although they tend to like to know where they’re going since random teleportation can have unpleasant consequences.

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