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Roleplay Characters
Regular RP characters that I favour can be found here although I won't post them up until I have pictures for them.
Alix Thew [WiP]
Name: Alix Thew
Race: Human
Age: 21
Background: Born a rather unremarkable boy, Alix grew up in a small town before moving to the nearby city to attend University as a student in Magic. He was quite talented and really enjoyed magic. Socially, he was not the greatest and did not really have many friends when he left his home.

On his first day there, he met a girl who caught the eye of pretty much every guy (and some girls) on campus. He admired her from afar until after a couple of weeks into the start of his first year at University. Two weeks after first meeting her in his class, the beautiful girl walked up to him and asked him out. Stunned, he could not help but say yes.

The girl was a demon, something that took him quite by surprise when he realised it, but it also kind of made him feel proud that such a beautiful, rare and enigmatic female would take such an interest in him. He really could not understand it, but Alix was not going to complain and was happy to be her boyfriend while they studied at college (he did not really have any friends except his room-mate).

Unfortunately, he found it hard to cope when the demon girl wanted things to get more serious between them. They had been going out for two years and now she wanted them to be more than just being boyfriend and girlfriend. Alix could not handle that and bolted, leaving the girl heartbroken. In her anger, she cursed him because he hurt her in a way no one had ever done.

The conditions of the curse were that he could not break it until she was satisfied he had matured enough to not break a person's heart like he broke hers. As part of the hex, he has now lost total control over his body. Randomly, he turns from his rather unremarkable male self into a beautiful female version of himself.

For now, he has managed to keep this malady a secret from everyone but his photographer room-mate. His friend has persuaded him to take advantage of his female persona and now uses him as a model whenever he turns into a girl. Alix feels a little used and extremely embarrassed, but the money is good and at least his friend is helping him keep his secret.
Personality: His main weakness is his shyness. He finds it difficult to open up and be honest. Alix tries not to cause too much trouble and get on with things, which can lead to trouble when he inevitable doesn’t admit he has a problem until it becomes so bad things blow up. He is also mortally afraid of commitment.

He still loves his demon ex but he feels like he has no hope of ever earning her forgiveness or her heart once more. The reasons for their relationship breaking down has made him very wary of getting close to people, doubly so with his constantly changing gender.

Nowadays, the boy tends to hide in his dorm in between doing photo shoots for his friend or occasionally turning up to class – he is too embarrassed, ashamed and depressed to show himself much in public.

On the positive side, Alix is quite a caring person. He tries to do his best for his friends and largely tries his best in what he do. When he is with someone he cares for greatly, he tends to become very kind, loving and occasionally quite flirty. Although he is largely crippled by depression now, he does his best not to take it out on the people who care about him although sometimes he cannot help but feel sorry for himself.
Powers: Alix is a student mage with access to mid-level magic but his work has kind of fallen by the wayside due to his curse. He is quite good with elemental magic and summoning. His long-term relationship with his infernal girlfriend has also given him quite extensive experience in summoning and demonic language.

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