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† I'd Rather Be Dead Then Alive †
the s*it that happens to me
ok in rally ever sence they released the new items today there are noobs going around saying they are rich. now it is fine but if you come up to me and say that you are richer and all you have is one of the new items that are like 18k then you must be a dumbass. 18k is not better then 400k+. unless this is some backwards world (and it seems to be turning that way) also noobs if you are to stupid to relize that you are a noob then you deserve to burn. i was in a rally and of course a noob was walking around saying everyone in that room was a noob, and for the most part he was right eveyone in that room was a noob except for me and my friend wolfen90. oh the noob his name was biggabe10 or some number like that. anyway he walks up to me (wolfen was afk) and was all "u a noob" just like that. so i told him to go look in a mirror and he was all "im richer then you" riiiiiiiiiiiiight. he didnt have anything he was all ill show you how rich i am. so i thought it would be funny so i told him to go get his richest he comes back with a wild thing. so me and my a** self was all wow you are richer then me if 12k (or whatever the wild things cost now) is more then me. woooooooooooooooow you are so rich. the dumbass dosent understand scarcasm. so he was all i know i am richer then you stare stare DUMBASS


ps if you aint laughin you aint livin

announcement: i will post all of my stories on friday everyweek. one week you might get one story, others you might get 3 or more. it all depends on how busy the noobs are in rally.

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    Sat Feb 16, 2008 @ 01:12am

    ah good old noobs. got to love them. lol he really thought he was richer with just a wild thing. that's funny. btw who said that. i know it was a comedian or did the comedian get it from someone else

    User Comments: [2]
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