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† I'd Rather Be Dead Then Alive †
the s*it that happens to me
Dumbass Alert
ok i know i said in my last in my last entry that i will post my stories on friday but this one is to good to wait untill then so here it goes. i was in a rally. again big suprise. i was sitting there talking to a friend of mine when i saw a noob come in his name was Pein Uzimakie. so he comes in and his first words were "if yall can please trade me about 7000 gold so i can get another yokias tresure" ummm i dont think we are in texas but anyway he might be but i dont care. so after he said that he says it again and again and again. so i finaly tell him to stop spamming. i was suprised at his responce cause it is one that i use alot when someone tells me to move or anything like that. so his responce was "its a free country" true he does have a point but gaia is not a country and they have rules and one of them i believe is no spamming. so i told him that and it shut him up. for a little bit. so he stands in front of me and he keeps spamming the same message over and over. now i cant see what my friend is saying to me and i tell him as a warning to stop spamming. then he does the anoying noob random letter type. so now i am getting mad and i tell him: if you dont stop i will report you for spamming. now something like that normaly woorks but not this time. so i say to him: i suggest you take my warning and get away from me before i am nto reliable for what will be said. i think it was fair to give another warning but he dosent move and keeps on spamming. so i told him: as you wish. and i go off on him saying things like: yoyu pain in the a** noob, if you knew anything you would relize it would be good to take my warning but you are such a dumbass to even think, everytime i see you i will be the plauge that drives you to the brink of insanity and be in the back of your mind, ill be like an irritating itch that you cant scratch, you will go mad untill you take the only way out....death. ok i may have gone a little overbored but the lack of sleep from the past few nights must be catching up.

- Demon

ps. Happy Anniversery Gaia

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    Tue Feb 19, 2008 @ 02:17am

    wow. oh and it's y'all not yall. that's just how contractions work like don't instead of dont.

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