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† I'd Rather Be Dead Then Alive †
the s*it that happens to me
ok first i only had 3 readers last time.......what is up people i come back cause you wanted me to and now you are not even reading them....thanks alot.....i feel like i am wasteing my time but ******** it.

ok i was in a rally and twords the bottom there are a group of "crips" and a group of "bloods" hmmmm dosent this seem familiar. so they were "fighting"each other and when i say fightnig i mean they are just using one lame insult after another. and i am talking about lame like one was "you should tell your mom to get away from the crack"....i have no comment on that cause it is so lame. so i am getting tired of hearing this s**t so i walk up to them and i say this: "stfu you god damn wannibie fags. you cont do s**t in your little poser a** gang it is the ******** internet for god's sake. and you are just wasting your pathetic lives thinking that you are cool for being ******** posers. you guys should get a ******** life instead of wasteing it being apart of a wannibie gang. i realy wish my computer screen was a portal so i could punch each and every one of you and knock some sence into your brain dead heads. ******** polygamistic necrofeliacs" it may have tookin a few word bubbles to get it in but i still got my point across.

seeing how you guys dont realy care to read this im going to talk to dragon to give me a block in his journal for a rant each friday but i might not get it but you people wont read it anyway. so im out


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    KeKe Poo
    Community Member

    Fri Feb 29, 2008 @ 04:01pm

    ..... ok so i didnt read for a bit but doesnt mean i quit reading. o.o i wasnt reading dragons either, but am kinda up to speed with his and now am gonna get up to speed with yours. ppl get busy... have patience lol sweatdrop

    Ciao IV
    Community Member

    Sun Mar 09, 2008 @ 06:17am


    User Comments: [2]
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