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Rikku walks around for a while then she gets bored and sits down somewhere and puts her wings around herself. Rikku sighs "so boring around here" she says "why is it always sooo dull....?" she questions herself. She looks around not noticing anyone important "oh well.." she says to herself. Rikku closes her eyes for about 10 minutes and then after the 10 minutes she notices something really shiny up in the distance..."hmm..." she wonders what it is..."probably nothing important" she says closing her eyes again...the light got brighter and brighter she finally opened her eyes again only to see an orb coming toward her. Rikku, for some strange reason, couldn't move "dang it!" she says
The orb hit her stomach "ahh!" she screams. "who is there?!" she yells. Rikku gets hit by another orb and goes unconscious.


Rikku sits by a tree.
she holds up her hand and her hand starts to glow.
an orb soon starts to form she sits there and messes around with the orb looking more upset than ever.
her eyes turn red and she's just looking at the orb while it floats in her hand.
Her wings begin to spread and she makes the orb go around her a few times and into a tree.
Rikku's eyes turn back to blue and she sits there for a while looking around.
"eh..." she says to herself. she looks at her hand and sees the ring that her mother gave her. Rikku sits there for a very long time then walks over to the pond that's there. She sits down and puts her feet in the Pond.
Rikku then bends over to see her reflection in the water.
"I Don't Understand..." she says quietly tears coming from her eyes "why did he have to do this to her? It's not fair!" Rikku now crying she screams, "IT'S NOT FAIR! Why did you have to do that to her?! She didn't deserve it!"
Rikku was shaking her head back and fourth, "why her? Why not me?" She said out loud "Why did you have to take her away from me?" Rikku Screams "Leo, I told you I'll get you for it, and I will. You just wait"
She looks back down at her ring, it was glowing. "Mom, i miss you..." she says softly tears still coming down her cheeks.