<center><b><img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e356/Storms_darling1630/unclewilliam-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"><br>This is My Uncle... he was a very special man to me... to everyone he knew... He wasn't just any ordinary guy, he was a hero to many people... He loved everyone. Everyone loved him... he was a Father, a husband, an Uncle, a Son, and a Hero. He fought for our Country...He loved to help people... he never let people down... he was everything to everyone... we will all miss him very Much..<br><br>Last time i saw him was about 6 years ago... we were all in the backyard... Uncle William would come outside to see if we were all OK... he would cuddle with us when we were sad and tell us everything will be OK, and not to worry... <br><br>I just went to North Carolina Friday February 15... just to go sit in a hospital to hear about what had happened... when i went to go see him i broke down crying... i hugged my dad tightly and there were just tears coming down my face and my dad told me not to be sad...I went back to the waiting room after a while crying... i sat by my Godmother and talked to her for a while... She gave me a bell to hold on to for a little bit and that's when i wrote this poem: <br><br>She just saw her Uncle<br>Laying in that bed.<br>she's holding his bell in her hand<br>Praying, praying he'll be ok.<br>her eyes hurt from the crying...<br>her make-up is running down her face...<br>she rings the bell<br>listening to it jingle<br>she closes her eyes<br>and once again<br>prays...while she's listening<br>to it jingle<br>the Jingling is very soft<br>she knows when she jingles the bell<br>her Uncle is talking to her<br>He's telling her everything will be ok.<br>and not to worry.<br><br>After i wrote that poem my Godmother wanted to go in the back room to see him... i asked her if i could come back there with her and read the poem to him... she said i could. So i went in the room...and I tried to read the poem..but i started to cry...then i finally could read it i read about half of it and started crying again, but i didn't care if i was crying or if i wasn't...i kept on reading it to him... then i finished.. i kept on standing there.. and Aunt Brenda, My Godmother, said it was time to leave.. so i left the room... <br><br>a few days later they moved Uncle William to another room... i went back there with my Father and i stood there, i said, "Uncle William...I'm turning 16 in July... you haven't seen me in over 6 years..." and i broke down crying... I held his hand... and all of the sudden i started getting dizzy and my stomach just started to turn... i held my stomach with my other hand... Dad looked at me and asked what was wrong I told him that my stomach wasn't that easy... so he sent me back to the waiting room and told me to get my mom in the back room... So i did.<br><br>Monday 18....I went to see Uncle William with Heather... i held his hand and they were warm... I kept on holding his hand...after a while Uncle William tightened up his hand and held my hand too... then he moved his pinky a little... Heather and I went back to the waiting room for a little bit.... then at 6 pm...they unplugged the tubes that were keeping him alive... at around 7 i couldn't sit in the waiting room anymore I wanted to see my Uncle... so i went back there with Jeff... and i saw everyone back there...Heather looked at me with tears coming down her face and said "Jessie" and shook her head... i said "I wanted to see him one more time..." and Aunt Dee sent me out of the room because i was crying so hard... so i went back to the waiting room and sat with Aunt Brenda...she asked me if i snuck back there and i nodded my head, crying.. <br><br>After a while i went out to the deck and i just sat there crying...the Nurse came outside and told me she had to close the Deck... so i got up and i went to another room...i didn't want to anyone to see me crying that hard... Dad saw me and came to me and sat next to me and asked me what was wrong...and i told him...of course i didn't tell him that i went back to the room... but i said that i wanted my Uncle back... and Dad said, "Honey, Your Uncle isn't in there anymore...that's just the shell...Your Uncle is already up in heaven looking down" and i couldn't help but cry.. <br><br>at around 10 pm Dad told mom to take all of us, Michael, Sam, and Me back to the hotel to go to sleep... We got back to the hotel... Mom lied in her bed and fell asleep. I got in the shower an stayed in the shower for about an hour... i came out and Sam was waiting to get in the shower. I climbed in bed and laid there, back towards the T.V. My eyes were so red... whenever i blinked it hurt... My eyes were hurting so bad... i closed my eyes at around 12 am... and tried to go to sleep...but my eyes were still hurting... then i just passed out... <br><br>The Next morning when i woke up Michael says to Mom, "Is Uncle William OK?" My mom replies "No...You're Uncle William Passed away at 3:08 this morning" I couldn't say anything... i just went outside and started walking around... i couldn't even cry anymore.... later that day we went to the other side of the Hotel to see everyone else...so that we could go back to Aunt Brenda's house... Adam, Me, Michael, Sam And Kelly went to drop my dad off at the Airport so that he could go to Denver for work... I almost started crying when we dropped him off because the last time we took dad to the air port was when i told my dad that i would see him in 1 year... <br><br>Adam, Michael, Me, Sam and Kelly all went to a Chinese place to eat something... then we were on the road again... as soon as we got back to Aunt Brenda's house we were looking through pictures...Adam was setting up a movie on the computer that has Pictures of Uncle William on it with the song "Please Remember Me" By Tim McGraw Playing... Tears were running down my face when i watched the movie.. <br><br>Uncle William we all miss you terribly...<br>we love you..<br><br><br><br>R.I.P. Uncle William</b>&/font&