There's One guy that i absolutely love with my whole heart, His name is Coda Andrew and him have gone through so much together. He's my Life, my Love, my everything. I wouldn't know what to do without him. He's just the best, he's always been there to help me...with everything, and i can't thank him enough for that. There's just so much that i can say about him, but words are meaningless...he knows how i feel and what i feel is that I'm completely In Love with him. He's always been there, not just one day and then he'll leave...but he's always been there, day in and day out. whenever i needed him, he'll drop whatever he's doing, and talk to me. We've both been through hard times, and we've always stuck together...not once have i left Coda's side. And Not once has he left mine. Before i met him, my life was nothing but fake smiles and fake laughs, now that i know him, me makes me smile and laugh all the time. Coda knows everything about me, there's not one thing he doesn't know about me. Coda's the only person who can turn my day around whenever I'm having a bad day. He's the only person that i can really talk to and that will understand. I Love Coda with everything i have, i trust him with everything that i have. There's no way people can make me stop loving him, it's not possible. I don't like Coda, I Love Coda. I Don't want him, I Need him. He doesn't ever Cross my mind, because he's always on my mind. I wouldn't cry if he left, i would die. I wouldn't live for Coda, i would Die for Coda. If i had to choose between him, and my life...i would Choose my life, because he is my life.

I want to meet someone who <b><u><i>loves me for me</i></u></b>...and tells me what i want to hear, but what I <b>Need</b> to Hear. I want to meet someone who doesn't love me just because of my looks. Someone who will <b><u><i>Love me for the person I am</i></u></b>. I want that person to look at me as if he were to lose me that he'd die... I want the person to tell me everything will be OK and <b>wipe my tears</b> when they are streaming down my face. I want him to <b><u>kiss me in the pouring rain</u></b>. I want him to say I'm <b><u><i>beautiful</i></u></b> instead of Hott. I want a guy who calls me back when I hang up on him, someone who will stay awake just to watch me Sleep. A guy who kisses my forehead. Someone who wants to show me off to the world someone who holds my hand in front of his friends, who things I'm just as pretty <i><u><b>WITHOUT</b></u></i> Make-up on. The one who is <u>constantly reminding</u> me of how much he cares about me, and how <u>lucky he is</u> to have me...<br>
I want a guy who i can run to with tears running down my face and the <b><u>First</u></b> thing he says is.."who's a** am i kicking Baby?"<br>
I want a guy who will <u>Move</u> The Hair from my Face and Kiss me. Hold my hand in the mall and make all of the girl <b>Jealous.</b> Someone who will <u><b><i>sing</u></b></i> to me at <b>random</b> times. Who would let me <b>Sleep on their chest.</b> A Guy who would get mad at someone if they called me <i>Ugly</i> or was mean to me. Someone who would call me three times a day if he went away. Someone who would let me <b>gossip</b> To him and would just <b>smile</b> and agree with everything i said. He would throw <i>Stuffed animals</i> at me when I acted dumb and then <b><u>Kiss me a million times.</b></u> Someone who would make fun of me just to make me <b><u><i>Laugh.</i></u></b> He would take me to the park and <b>put his hands around my waist</b> and give me big bear hugs all the time. He would tell all his friends about me and <u><i>Smile</i></u> When he did it. He would never be afraid to say <i>"I love you."</i> in front of his friends, and we'd argue about silly things then <b>Make up.</b> I want a guy that would kiss me at midnight on <i>New Years</i> and <b><i>*Count*Stars*</i></b> with me. Who would stay home with me on a Friday night just to <b>Help me make dinner</b> <i>and</i> watch Movies together under The <b>same blanket.</b> Someone who would make me Laugh Like <b><i><u>no one</u></i></b> else could. But <b>Mostly</b> I want someone to be my <b><i><u>Best Friend</u></i></b> and would never <b><i><u>Break My Heart.</u></i></b> I Just want someone who wants to be Near me. to whisper in my ear. to hold my hand, to put my hair back behind my ear when it falls in front... to wrap me in his arms, and tell me he loves me.
I Used to think that there is no such guy out there like that...but now I have that guy, and i can't be happier I'm the happiest girl on the planet. You can't meet a sweeter guy than him, he's AMAZING! I Love him to bits. I can't sum him up anymore the only thing i can say about him is, He's <b><u>Perfect</u></b>