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Ishna's Journal
My Journal is about Dreams~
Dream 10 - Race
I can't remember the whole thing, but I remember some of the last part.

It was when my brother was playing a racing game and he won some items that I really liked. I asked him if I could have them for my my character. (The items were a red wig, red shirt, and wings.) He said "Sure". I was really happy that he let me have them and play his video game.

But I was now in the game, I had red hair, red shirt, but no wings. I was really excited to race, because I knew how to use a car. I was also very confident about winning. I heard the noise that the race was about to start. "Beep! Beep! Beep! BEEEEEEEEP!" The race started and I noticed I was at the back, but knew I was gong to catch up soon.

I was kind of behind but when I saw a bridge a head of me, I thought it was my chance to catch up. When I got there, I went faster and started jumping over them to pass them faster. (They were driving a little slow because they were afraid they might fall.) I new it was a risky move to make; I was in 4th place now.

But I noticed that I wasn't in a car, I was running!

Then when I got my chance I went faster and I was in 1st place. I was so close to the finish line. But then, I saw four people on a cliff throwing rocks. I looked closer and there were other people giving this rocks to those four people. Some people were stopping, so I thought I should stop too, to see what was going on.

But I noticed that the racers weren't stopping like the others would. I thought "OH! NO!" I went faster and faster to catch up, when I did. I thought I was going to win for sure. But then some one got my leg and wouldn't let me go. Stopping me from winning, I told the person to let me go. But no matter how hard I tried to pull my leg, he wouldn't let go.

I was so close, then slowly I stared to wake up. What I remember is that a girl was close to the finished line.

Puff! I woke up.

Right now, I wish I could of kept going and not get distracted. I feel horrible.
(EDIT:I dreamed this a few days ago, but couldn't save it.)

Looked at my Journal and read my dreams!

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