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Ishna's Journal
My Journal is about Dreams~
Dream 11 - What a day!
I dreamed that I was looking at a video that a kid was drawing 2 horses(the mom and the baby) and 2 people. I don't remember if it was the mom and her child or the big sister and her little brother. The kid then, started coloring the horses brown and where they were. Like in a barn. I remember a little hay, and a tree out side the winder.

But the kid didn't use crayons or color pencil. He used paint with water. When he wanted like brown he add some water, if he wanted dark brown he didn't added water at all.

I noticed that I was drawing something too. It was like animish-sorta. I can't remember what they were doing, but I think they were looking at each other. A lady and a kid, I think that's what they were. Then my sister comes and tells me "Wow, sister that is really good! I like how you draw, I don't know why you say you draw bad." I looked at my drawing, I was surprised too. I told myself "That is a good drawing, huh?".

Then I wanted to video tape myself eating an apple, (The color of the apple was red.) with the song "Yakety Sax - Benny Hill". I was trying to make the apple disappear by eating it, like one bite one take. When I was done. I noticed that the camera like when organ. I said to myself "Oh no, it went to sleep. I hope it got it."

I went back to my desk, and I saw the drawing I made. It was on my chair with some other white paper. (some of them had some drawings but they weren't important.) I took the drawing and put it beneath my desk where there were some some stuff. I sat down on the white paper, because I really wanted to see if it got the video.

When I was messing around with it, my little sister came and bothered me, but I told her to stop and leave. When she was leaving I took the white paper of the chair I was sitting on.

When I looked at the computer, it shut off. I was like "Awww, well at list the video was saved automatically". I went to my living room to see what was going on. Along the way I saw one of my white dogs(Bear). I wondered where was Nina and Bolto. I went and looked out side the door, it was like tornado season and my parents had the door wide open. I was freaking out, and scared. I saw a very small tornado going by. I noticed it had 4 other small twisters on its tip. They were like coming out of it.

When I looked at the fence, I saw my dad out side having fun with the wind. It was so strong that it picked up my dad, but he grab the fence to put himself down to the grown. I yell at my dad "DAD! COME IN SIDE! THE TORNADO IS JUST NEAR US." But he didn't wanted to. He was having so much fun that he crawled in a hole to the other side of the fence (side of the house because the wind took him out side of the fence).

He said "So that's how Nina got untied." I was so scared in that moment that I just went to get him. When I did, the wind wanted to take my dad and me, but I grab my dads hand and I looked down to grab the fence. When I pulled him and me to the grown. Still holding my dads hand, I ran inside the house. I felt happy that he was safe.

I looked out side, and I saw the little tornado going around my house, like ready to strike. Then it came straight at us, slowly. When it got inside the house, it was like Bear was controlling the tornado. (The tornado was on top of his back) I was so angry that I grab his cheeks and said "STOP IT!" I hold his cheeks tight for him to get the message. And it did! I looked at the floor it was a little destroyed but nothing much.

I went out side and it was like every thing was getting better. I could see the stormy clouds leaving and I was able to see part of the blue sky. The orange colors of the sun on the clouds. It was so beautiful, that it felt like everything was going to be okay.

And woke up.

Note: I just realize that I was in my old house when I dreamed this. I also was wearing Blue Pj pants with a black shirt.

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