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Ishna's Journal
My Journal is about Dreams~
Dream 9 - Family
Been so long since I wrote one. But here you go! Enjoy!

I dreamed that I was at a store or school waiting for my dad to pick me up. To pass time I was walking around and I noticed that I didn't have shoes. I looked down at my feet and I saw that they were dirty, I ran to the grass avoiding the rocks so I woundn't hurt my feet.

When I did I jump to some grass that was near and try to hide my feet in the tall (like 6 inches) yellowing grass. It felt so good and better.

When I looked at the stree,t I saw a little girl, she looked at me. She came towards me and asked "Can you help me how to put the points on this?" I looked and she had a coke rewards box. I thought to myself that I need more, but then when I looked to my side and some how I had boxes and boxes of them.

I was very surpriced so I looked at her and told her how she should put them. She ask "How do I put then in chines?" Then I realise she didn't understand english, I thought. Then I saw my moms car with my dad and sister in it.

When I was trying to explaing to her, I saw my dad arriving, I got in side still telling her quick how to put the points in the "enter rewards" link. While my dad was driving of in a hurry.

He was such in a hurry that he wanted to get to Burgerking before it got busy. I guess he was hungry. He was driving so fast, that I got scared and my sister. When he made a turn on a parking area, he hit a car and almost hitting a black person.

The black person was so angry and my dad yell at him "Call the police!" but he said it in a 'I don't care' way. As we were driving off, I tried to yell at the black person that I am sorry on how my dad was acting.

I was so angry of my dad, how could he do that? Then we got to the free way, I told my dad why was he driving such in a hurry. I can't remember what all he said so this is what I remember. He said "I'm getting them because you like them, but since you are acting that way. I'm not going to get them, we are going home." Then I reply "Fine, I don't care, but what you did back there was uncalled for!"

"I can do what ever I want! I'm your father!" I was shocked of what he said. "You know what?" I said to him. "I'm not talking to you any more." Then he got angry, then he talked about something that he was right and other things. I told my sister not to speak to him, but she sometimes replied to him.

Then what I remember she said to him or to me "The demons are waiting for him out side the house... I can see them." I got scared of what she said and I wondered how she knew if we were still a little far from the house.

Then I got tired of my dad trying to be right and I am wrong. I think I told him "I'm telling my mom" because he said that she wont do anything, because she does want he says. I told him that he was wrong that she will agree with me. He said "I know how your mother is."

When we got are new home that we were going to live, once it's fixed. I told my mom about the situation and what happened. She said that she couldn't do anything, to "let your dad be". I was angry and couldn't believe of what she said. "Mom you don't need my dad, you can be yourself." She just looked at me like "what ever".

The I told her "Can I leave?!" But she said "No!". I felt so trapped I didn't know what to do. I went up stairs to look how my room. Looked at my window, trying to see out side. What I saw was red sand, it was beautiful. I could see foot steps that people were came by earlier.

It was so big and so far, it was like the desert. But it didn't felt like it was dry and hot, if felt nice and moist when I looked at it. The sunset was nice too. when I was done looking out. I noticed spider webs on my window, inside my room.

I freaked out, because I touched it. It felt so sticky that I thought it was never going to come off. I got scared that if it still had a spider in it. Then I saw a tiny spider on my shirt. I was like "aaaaaa!" When I finally got rid of it. I can't remember if I killed it or not, though.

I said to my self that spider weds will be gone once I live there. Then I asked my mom if she had spray to kill them.

Puff, I woke up!

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