So, wassup with me? Not much. Got a three-day weekend (thank God) so that's always nice. Finished reading William Gibson's short story anthology today, (Burning Chrome) that was pretty good. I think my favorite story from there is Dogfight, although that was a collaboration between Gibson and Michael Swanwick. Gibson's a pretty good writer, I love the way he sets the scene and the imagery he uses, although I'll admit that some of his stories got me off-track. The way the plot progresses in a few is a little hairy sometimes, I guess.

Think I'm gonna read Neuromancer next.. I just finished off Julian May's Galactic Milieu trilogy this week, those were pretty good. Diamond Mask and the subsequent Magnificat left me slightly disappointed, and I still think Jack the Bodiless was the best of those three. Gonna hafta read the Saga of the Pliocene Exile sometime; we've had those books forever, but I hadn't gotten around to them. She's definitely an awesome author to read, so I'm looking forward to getting to those next four books.

Oh, I'll need to go book-shopping sometime soon; I guess Borders is having a buy-4-get-the-fifth-free deal on manga and romance, so I'll need to take advantage of that for the former. I've been wanting to get FMA volume 14 for a while, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, too. I put up a poll on here a while back, and basically everyone who owned or read them said they were awesome. I'd gotten a $50 gift card for B&N for my birthday, and had been planning to use that to get most of the series, but now I think I'll just split it up a bit and buy the last three with the card, and spend the other twenty on something else. Or maybe I'll get the first five with the card, and the last two with my own money. I dunno. Hm, maybe the latter. I just hope B&N carries them as well as FMA #14. I really need to find some other good series, though. And not just popular stuff, either, (ie Naruto and Bleach.) Shorter series work for me 'cause I'm a cheapskate and don't have a solid income yet. Fullmetal Alchemist just happens to be popular and really, really good. In fact, I think it spoiled other series for me; I tried reading the first volume of Saiyuki 'cause my friend had it, but I had to force myself to get to the end. confused People complain about the translation of that series, but I just wasn't impressed by the storyline and art. Seemed a little choppy in some places, too. Maybe I'll see if Berserk is any good...

I finally broke the 6k in my account today.. I don't even really know how I did it, 'cause I haven't been able to sell anything, (not that that was very lucrative anyway...) I know I got at least 500 from throwing balloons at people, but I gave away most of that money to the guild I joined. I haven't been doing games like puzzles, and fishing has too many glitches for me to play it anymore. Could it possibly be from... page-surfing? I was nearly broke before the water war started, and now I'm five grand richer.. Oh well, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.