'Bout time for an introduction. ... 'Least, as much of one I'm gonna post on the vastness of t3h internetz.

I am... A random person. I like lots of stuff, and I also dislike a lot of stuff. Some stuff about me:
domokun Wannabe author / graphic novelist (?)
domokun Grammar nazi
domokun Opinionated (outspoken in text only)

Dunno how I ended up on this site, but I can also be found on
3nodding DeviantART (as Caenef)
sweatdrop Myspace (also as Caenef)

I am a dork, and play
arrow Runescape (semi-retired) as "Will Caenef"
sweatdrop AdventureQuest
sweatdrop Dragonfable

Gaming platform of choice: PS2
heart Ratchet and Clank trilogy, Jak trilogy, and sometimes FF10.

Not much else I can think to say just now, so maybe keep an eye on this or any of my other two journals that I use.