Jeez, been a while since I"ve done any updating. So, what's new? I'm kinda starting to edit chapter 12 of this guy I know's story, but I'm kinda tired and whatnot.. tedious enough as it is. (Been working as a beta since September, I think... Just got over the one-third mark yesterday.) I also just finished putting in about 106 footnotes for a short story my sister wrote for school; her teacher wanted all the SAT words she used to have a note saying in which chapter they can be found in some book they're working out of...) That was a pain, literally. Well, that's what I get for being tech-savvy, I guess.

As far as other writing goes, I'll probably be working on the first chapter of my prequel re-write this weekend. I'm ditching the 25-page version I already have, since I've decided that it sucks, and I'll revive it as part of my school projects in Creative Writing. My most recent assignment has been to put together a plot outline, character list, biographies, and cover letter for a novel. Still not sure if we're gonna be writing a whole book for class, but we at least have to have one chapter all written up. Already got one short story draft finished, which is really nice... Hopefully this next thing can help me jumpstart my motivation as far as this story goes. (Then I can get onto the main trilogy and beyond, finally.)

Oh yeah, got a four-day weekend next week. How awesome is that?

Eh, I got nothin' else to say. Too tired.