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So I'm all in a rushy fret at this time, because I'm trying so hard to pull everything together before the big trip this weekend. Yeah, you know, Sheldon and his parents and taking me and Ricky camping and Wonderland, it's gonna be so fun, I love theme parks and I love hanging out with them. XD; It's felt like forever ( reality about 2 months or so ) so it'll be nice to see them in person again.

Sheldon's been at camp this whole month and I've missed him alot, but I'm glad he called me those two times. Last I heard he had a date for this dance, oooohhh~ I'm gonna be questioning him when he gets home for the trip. XDD; I talk to Ricky on MSN though, where he scolds me for staying up until abnormally long times. ( It's actually 6:30 AM right now, ahahahaha~!! If he knew he'd flay my hide. ) I totally got him into Kanon too. I'm going to bug Sheldon about Kanon aswell. -evil grin-

Though I just finished Higurashi. Didn't leave as big of an impression on me as Kanon did though, but the series was really good... pulled an all-nighter for that. It's super gory and quite twisted, but it really leaves you in suspense, giving you open questions and not answering them until the end, and then you're all like, "OHHH NOW I GET IT!!" My favourite characters are Rika and Rena. I feel like I'm more like Rena personality-wise, but she goes absoloutely batshit insane for a while so I think I'll stick with Rika. >_> She's really cute. I WANNA TAKE HER HOME! -Rena impression-

So yeah, trying to pull everything together right now! Today I went shopping for cake supplies, hunted around A&P for like an hour because I kept adding to things to put on my cake, lulz. In all, the ingredients put together were quite pricy, ahh~! I spent like $10 on them all. XD Vanilla cake mix and icing ( I remember Sheldon saying he liked vanilla ) whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate chips. I WILL MAKE MY FAMOUS ICHIGO KEEKII!! Ichigo keekii~ Ichigo keekii~! <3

In addition to that, I must finish up this picture I was drawing ( just gotta colour it ) then fashion a card, and that should be done by Friday! I gotta find a good box to put the cake in though for transport so we can eat it later... I hope that it's not a bad idea I am making this cake... It's just my way of a gift, yes? I like baking, and I think everyone likes cake, so I hoped it's liked. Eating cake with friends is fun. :3

So this weekend will be joyous and I am quite looking forwards to it. On another note, my Grandma's birthday is today, ahaha~ I'm going to my auntie's house to spend time with the family. It's kinda funny how close Gram and Sheld's birthdays are. o__o; Well, me, Ricky, Tyler, and Steven all have our birthdays extraordinarily close aswell. I think I am going to have my hands full at that time. XDD;;

Birthdays are always so much fun, a celebration of aging, a chance to go all out and party with your friends. Even if it means getting older, I think birthday parties compensate for it. I don't really wanna get older personally though. XD I like being 16, and being who I am. This is a nice age. I guess I won't mind 17 too much.. but the day I turn 18 I'll weep for my childhood will truly be disengrated into nothing. You can only pull off acting like I do for so long, you know? Ahahaha.

Well, I think I'll head on to bed now. Oyasuminasai dear journal~ heart

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Flae the Goddess of Hope
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jul 31, 2007 @ 01:37pm
That is not truw, i will prove you wrong that you dont have to change who you just because you've officvially become an "adult". thats just used to show that your old enough to vote and stuff. i'lll still probably act like myself for a very long time. you should to. dont let getting older take away that from you.

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