I will not be able to go into detail, because waaaayyyy too many things have ever happened to go through them all without writing a whole novel or something.

Starting, I went to Wonderland with Sheldon and Ricky for Shel's 16 birthday, it was oodles of fun. ^^ We camped at this one place for the weekend, and went to Wonderland on Saturday. We rode lots of rides, although I honestly think the Waterpark was the most fun. Because I was with them, they managed to get me on alot more rides then I would normally be able to go on because I was afraid. They wouldn't go on Shockwave with me though, but they went on Top Gun. O_o I don't know what's up with that. >_>

Then me, Ricky, Tyler, Steven, Azzy, and Julia all went to the Heritage Festival together. The rides this year besides 3 or 4 were kinda pathetic ( especially right after Wonderland ) so we spent all our money on the game booths there, and Tyler and Ricky won alot of stuffies for me. ^__^ I ended up trading them in for one big bear, because so many stuffies were hard to carry. >_< ( Tyler from now on calls me racist to dogs, but I LOVE DOGS!! T__T I really wanted a big husky but no one would trade me... ) Then we all went back to my house for a huge sleepover in my backyard because Azzy insisted, but that night was semi-fun because things got a little out of hand if you ask me. The next day after that, I slept at Ricky and Tyler's, and me and Tyler played Donkey Kong all night lulz. We beat Donkey Kong Country 3 in one night. XD

Then later me, Ricky, Sheldon, and Tyler spent like 3 and a half days just together, I'm not joking. xD We moved from house to house like hoboes, it was fun, rotfl. First we stayed at Ricky and Tyler's, then we went to Sheldon's, then my house, and the next day we all disbanded. That weekend was certainly interesting.

Then I went to Ricky and Tyler's again to hang out with them and Sheldon ( who was leaving the next night ) and we all hung out and did stuff per usual, video games and talking and other thing. Noteably that day we beat Reid and his group on ToA. :0 On Very Hard, wahoo!! It took us forever, but we finally showed them. Bam.

Then the next day Ricky came back with me to my house, and he ended up staying the whole weekend pretty much. XDD A weekend for my parents to tell him embarrassing stories about me, and just be embarrassing in particular, while my brother was annoying as ever. ( but I still love him because he's my brother lulz ) Unfortunately there was no boat that weekend either, but IT WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE I DEMAND IT OF THE HEAVENS. >: I really do wanna go on that boat... -sigh-

Then just last night, I was originally gonna go out for a slushie with Azzy and talk to her about stuff because we hadn't seen eachother for like two weeks, but then Julia ended up calling and she got us a ride to the mall so that's where we went instead. But as soon as we got there, the mall pretty much was closing, so we left and went to go bug Ricky and Tyler to come with us for ice cream at the Green Store. Tyler was hiding from us at his friend's, but Ricky came and we walked the ( longer then we thought ) walk over there, and we all gazed out at the lake while we ate our ice cream. It was kinda chilly lulz. Then we found Tyler on our way back, and we goofed off all the back to their house, where it was too late to take the bus so Julia called a cab for us and we left via that. Our cab driver was very friendly and rather funny, so that was interesting aswell.

And then I got home, talked to Azzy on the phone some more, then went on Flyff and helped Ricky level. Speaking of that, we leveled for like 10 hours straight today. O_O; That's the longest I've spent on Flyff in a veeeerrry long time, ahahaha. Some guy in our party asked me to be his girlfriend. XD He tried bribing me with his "I'm rich and can buy you anything attitude" and I was just like, "Uhh, yeah.. sorry... .__. -secretly laughing irl-" Sorry, it was just kinda pathetic...

And now it's almost 1:00 AM, I'm pretty tired, but I won't go to bed yet. Maybe a chocolate milk will keep me up ahaha. Well, it was about time I updated this thing, and perhaps I will update before school starts again. Uuggghhh, school... it's in two weeks... I still can't believe the summer is ending. I really don't want it to. I really really don't want the summer to end. This has been the most fun summer ever, even if nothing happened the first month and a half, this last month has pretty much made up for it entirely.

Well, I'll be signing off now, kudos to anyone who loves my personal life enough to go through this whole thing. xD;; Lots of heart from the one and only Eternal~