Right now some of the group + other people are at my house, and we're all camping in my backyard. x3 I am typing this as I am briefly checking things on the computer.

List of people here: Me, Azzy, Christie, Brandon, Jeff, Carolyn, and Jordan. I have no idea how we're all going to fit. xD;; Oh well, we've done this sort of thing before, AHA!

This one little kitty followed us home, she's really skinny and cute and I think she's a stray. I'm going to try feeding her and see if she'll keep coming around and I can keep her, since I think my cat really seems to like her. I've decided to either name her Marmalade or Nala, though I've decided on the latter for now I'm still open for suggestions. SO GIVE ME SOME K?

I hope I can keep her. This night was really fun.

Oh, besides me going to Yes! Employment we also went to go see Evan Almighty. That was a pretty good movie, I reccomend you go see it, especially if you like animals, because there were alot. :0 I might be getting a job at Teletech.

Anyways, gotta go now, I'll go see what Nala's up to. Peace out. :3