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These are the records of certain occurrences and musings in my life. It is probably not of much importance to you, unless you enjoy being a sleuth or have some vague interest in listening to me prattle about my flavour-of-the-month.
I know, the title is totally unimaginative, it's 5:40 AM, gimme a break. >_>

So yeah, this summer has been ... well, mild to say the least. Pretty typical of a summer. I haven't done too much of account of no one really ASKS me to do too much, with the exception of Azzy who randomly drags me out of the house every now and then. For an example, I went to her house on Friday for this party thingy, but it was really less of a party and more of just me, Azzy, Brandon, Carolyn, and Jordan hanging out. We didn't really want Jordan there though.

Jordan is kinda crazy ... he is utterly utterly obsessed with Azzy so bad it's kinda funny and sad at the same time. But it's not like harmless obsession, it's like "I'm-going-to-stalk-you-and-try-to-touch-you" sort of obsession. He's on her heels constantly despite the fact she has a boyfriend she's in love with and won't leave, and pretends and lies about things to impress her. He tells us he's uber rich and that he's going to buy her $2000 vase and flowers, and apparently he is going to die soon and go out to war unless he gets a girlfriend. He writes poetry explaining the depth of his love and unfathomable it is, while I sit over here and roll my eyes because he's only known her a week and I doubt he even knows what colour her eyes are.

Poor, poor Azzy.

Anyways, moving on, that night was okay even though I don't like things like Truth or Dare which is what they played. Although, me and Brandon played Tales of the Abyss until like 5 in the morning which was fun. I think he might like it now, because I left the PS2 there for a day and apparently he was playing it alot.

So yeah, that was really just recently, in regard to events before that ...

I have so far been unsuccessful in scoping out a place I could work. Salvation Army already hired their employees, and unfortunately Telespectrum is only for graduated students. I guess I haven't been trying too hard though, I've been up too late every single night ( 5-6 AM daily ) and sleeping in all day. Not as though I got much to do anyways, I've tried to make plans but they usually fail somehow. Tyler is supposed to get back to me on when we could hang out, and I'm waiting until then to hang out with Steven because I'm dragging him along when we go to the mall, and I'd probably definiately be hanging out with Sheldon alot except he's gone to camp.

He called me not too long ago, it sounded like he made some new friends, but he isn't having much fun... so I'm kinda sad for him. I wonder how he's faring now. I really do hope he'll back in time for his birthday, I wanna make him a cake and we'll have a party. ^^

I've been really happy lately anyways, because for some reason Ricky's been really nice to me. I'm not going to think too hard about it though, and just be glad we're getting along, though I can't help and wonder just long it'll last... Hopefully forever? ( Unlikely. ) Hahaha, he was supposed to call me tonight just to prove me wrong when yesterday I said he wouldn't. But I was right, he didn't. X3 He's such a nutbar.

I beat Symphonia a few days ago, and as of two to three weeks ago I've become a raging Kratos fangirl. Another phase of course~ But Kratos is just so uber-hawt, mysterious, strong, AND an angel. X3 [/fangirlnonsense] I'm playing through Abyss again now though ... why is it that Yulia City makes me feel so... nostalgic? It's a weird feeling. Oh well.

Mom just came downstairs and told me to get to bed. It's about 6:00 AM now. xD The sun will be rising so I must retreat back to darkness. -hisses- Good morning to the rest of the world... goodnight to me~ heart

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Flae the Goddess of Hope
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jul 31, 2007 @ 01:30pm
You know, being nocturnal isnt always the best idea. and i wasnt having fun at camp. but i did make friends. everyone was so sad when i was getting ready to leave. i got lots of hugs. i miss them already, but i couldnt stand being at camp much longer because it was so boring and i was constantly getting in trouble. so i got to leave

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