Okay, as some of you guys know, I'm an artist. Not a good one, but an artist. I started with manga/anime drawings when I was twelve/thirteen years old.
I draw various pictures mostly of vampires and gentlemen and such people. I tried to make my works a little more realistic.
So I tried somethings for my own. Ofcourse I check the comments that people gave me, some of them were very useful. So I scroll down, then my eyes fell upon a name. Crisscoula. I was like: OMG WTF?! eek

I was stalking her for quite some time now and I must say that I was quite nervous to talk to her. I already had some trouble with an artist. I can tell she draws quite nice but is very obnoxious((omg namedrop! )) Anyway she said that she could give me some tips. Which I, ofcourse, could use.
She sent me a pm with her 'topsecret' techniques.
So I grabbed my pencil and started to 'copy it' at first to try it out, then I applied it.
The drawings turned out very nice, some people even said that the drawing looked like Criss's work.
I could never ever surpass her ofcourse, don't want to.

So Criss: Thank you very much, yet again! heart