Okay so I applied to an art school in my hometown Rotterdam.
It's a very cool school where you learn techniques of the Graphic world.
We were told the results would come within four weeks.
The waiting began...
On a nice warm wednesday we got a nice white enveloppe with a green logo on it: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.

Sweat started to run all over my back. I was terrified that I wasn't accepted, or that I would get a take in questioning.
When I opened the letter I read it for ten times. Ten times I read over te same words: We are happy to say that you are accepted on our school.
Then I handed my mum the letter and she read it aswell. Poor elevator. She started to bounce up and down in the elevator, we both squeeled like two school girls. I never thought that sound would come out of my mouth.

Anyhow now I have to wait for the next letter with the date of te introduction day ^^
Then after summer vacation...I can start on the school I want. heart