**note I'm a girl!**

Alright so I got curious about how big my boobs are. A normal thing for a girl right?

So I looked up how to measure them yourself. I got out our old measuring tape and did exactly what the website told me to do.

Alright so I got to the first measuring point and I was like: I knew that! 73!
Then the second measurement. 93...
hmnn..A bit big...isn't it?

I calculated the difference from the two: 20
I looked up what cup size that is supposed to be...
It's D/E
First thing that popped up: OMG Whut? my boobs can't be that big!

I did the measurement three times...all ended up with D/E
And really, to be honest...I don't believe it myself.

Did you people have surprises like that?