This is Eternal, speaking from Visual Arts. heart

We gotta do something here in the computer lab.. I'm not sure. I should probably be working on it ... In a miiinute. >_> Gaia calls me to write pointless journals that no one reads and browse the forums to spam topics about how awesome Uchiha Sasuke is. xD

So, more drama happened. ( But what do you expect? Not a day goes by without escape... ) Kiya broke up with Sheldon, because she's in love with Jeff. I understand that motive. Actually, she came to me for advice and I told her what I truthfully honestly felt about the matter, and that is that you shouldn't be with anyone when you're in love with someone else. It isn't morally right. Well, apparently after that happened, Jeff tried to convince Kiya to go back out with Sheldon ... oh lord, does that boy have a single clue about anything? I wonder sometimes if boys even understand such things at all... because, when someone you love is trying to get you to go out with someone else, that just about brings the world down around your ears. It makes it seem like they're trying to get rid of you, and, well... some of them possibly may be... but anyways it hurts alot.

I'm going to have a talk with Jeff today, I think. e_e I might be butting into other peoples' business, but well, she came to me for help so I'm going to help her damnit. Oh, I won't try to talk Jeff into going out with her, because no one reserves the right to do that, but can't he least give a goddamn about her feelings? She cares about him and he wants to brush her aside and stick her somewhere else? No siree, not in MY neighborhood. I think he might at least listen to me a little ... we HAVE been friends since we were like 4, afterall.

Well anyways, onto other topics, read a good book yesterday. It's called Flowers for Algernon, and it's about a mentally-handicapped man who gets the chance through an operation to become a genius. However, the smarter he gets, the more problems he has to cope with - within his own mind and the outside world, and he ends up loosing just about everything he ever had ... although he does gain a vast amount of knowledge, and sorts out things between him and his family. Sadly, in the end, the effects of the operation backfire and he becomes mentally-challenged again. For some reason I just found it extremely interesting ... perhaps because it had to do with dealing with the human mind, and controlling emotions. That subject has become of great interest to me lately. Maybe because I want to be able to understand others to a greater extent... or maybe because I want to be able to understand myself.

Well, anyways, I hope Jamie burned Tales of Eternia for me today, because I sent a reminder to him on MSN this morning but I'm not sure if he got it. I really need that before Friday and all ... well, actually, I don't NEED it, I'm grateful he's doing this for me in the place, truly ... but it would be really nice... u_u Oh, also, Kora's birthday is this Saturday. o_o That means it's good that I planned a visit to Widdifield for Friday because I won't see everyone on Saturday anyways. Sunday maybe? I don't know, it's a long weekend afterall. I hope everyone is there this time.

Well, that about wraps this up. Sayonara for now. ^^