Today was Mother's Day. ^^ Unfortunately I'm a bad daughter and forgot to do anything for mom besides give her a hug. T__T -sighs-

So, my weekend didn't turn out to be so boring afterall, however. :3 Tyler and Ricky ended up coming over and we beat Pronyma on Symphonia ( to which my levels were bashed openly. xD I suck at leveling. ) then went out for dinner at Wendy's. We rented a movie ( Dodgeball ) and then came back and watched some of it before they had to go. It was really fun. ^_^

Then unfortunately some drama happened today. I told Jeff that Kiya was dating Sheldon now, and Jeff got really mad. Somehow he already knew that it was Sheldon dating Kiya, strangely enough... Anyways, there was alot of anger, but I think everything is alright now. I've gotta learn my lesson to keep my nose out of other peoples' business.

Well, now I'm going to keep trying to finish my dinner now ... but man, so not hungry. ;-; That's what happens when I eat a million crossiants I suppose. u___u;; But they're SOOO GOOD.