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Dapper Grabber

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:02 pm
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Table of Contents

01. Table of Contents // Introduction // Availability Status
Table of Contents, roleplay schedule and status for each character found here.
02. Gwendolyn Caspian / Eternal Sailor Tsui, the Tiger of the White Moon Court.
All about Gwendolyn Caspian aka Eternal Sailor Tsui.
03. Richard Moreau / General Buddingtonite, the Sweet Then Sour Candyman.
All about Richard Moreau aka General Buddingtonite.
04. Nyasa Freeman / General Mica, the Street Savvy Deciever.
All about Nyasa Freeman aka General Mica.
05. Scott Erlea / Eternal Sailor Vespa, the Bumbling Wasp.
All about Scott Erlea aka Eternal Sailor Vespa.
06. Bethany Wyatt / Sailor Canopus, the Devotee of the Dark Mirror Court.
All about Bethany Wyatt aka Sailor Canopus
07. Daran Moreau / Sarras Page, the Dark Knight among the Cosmos.
All about Daran Moreau aka Sarras Page of the Cosmos.
08. //RESERVED//
09. //RESERVED//
10. //RESERVED//


Roleplay Schedule

Monday: NO RPs, too crazy!
Tuesday: Nyasa/Mica and Gwen/Tsui tags.
Wednesday: Bethany/Canopus tags.
Thursday: Scott/Vespa tags.
Friday: Daran/Sarras tags Rollover tags of ones not done throughout the week.
Saturday: Richard/Buddingtonite tags.
Sunday: Rollover tags of ones not done throughout the week.

Scrapping the schedule, I'LL DO THEM WHENEVER I WANT, YEAH!

Schedule subject to change, as I am happy to do marathon requests and ORPs. Just PM or AIM me!

Availability Status

Gwendolyn Caspian/Eternal Tsui: CLOSED
Richard Moreau/Captain Buddingtonite: CLOSED
Nyasa Freeman/General Mica: CLOSED
Liam Dauber/Super Vespa: CLOSED
Bethany Wyatt/Sailor Canopus: CLOSED
Daran Moreau/Sarras Page: CLOSED  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:03 pm
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Have You Met Gwendolyn Caspian // Eternal Sailor Tsui?
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Status: CLOSED

User Image

Gwendolyn Caspian is rambunctious young girl who attends St-Magsdalena's Seminary, though only part time as she is part of the job program that allows her to spend half the day working instead of at school, and it's a damn good compromise as far as she's concerned. In the meantime, she's picked up a part time job at Padma's Bouquet and is focusing more on helping pay her rent for the apartment she, her sister and good friend Ian Bach. If you're looking for a hot-headed but well meaning girl who's constantly getting involved in shenanigans, then Gwen's your girl. She's uncertain of what her plans are after she graduates in the next year, but she's considering a position at the Zoo, assuming it's not too much studying involved, to help support her girlfriend through college.

Things to note:
- Gwen is short, but has a fairly stout frame suited for gymnastics
- Gwen enjoys going to the zoo, arcade, pretty much anywhere away from St. Mag's. Her getting into the program and a part time job has pretty much been the best thing ever for her!
- Gwen loves animals and can often be found sketching them, or going to the zoo, pet store and petting zoo... her favorite animals are the big cats, especially the tiger.
- Gwen has been at Destiny City for at least two years now and her involvement in the war going on in Destiny City is actually what's inferfering with her public life and and almost caused her to drop out of high school. Actually considers Eternal Sailor Tsui to be her true identity and Gwendolyn Caspian as her disguise
- Gwen has one pet and one pet only, a slightly obese and docile domestic rat named Micah, whom she sometimes sneaks with her to various events and places
- Gwen is involved in a relationship with Anandi Rai, aka Sutai, Squire of Polaris.
- Now a middle child, and she admits, it's kind of... cool.

UPDATE: Since she has graduated highschool, Gwen has taken up a full time position at Padma's Bouquet and is more or less running the store in Krishna's absence.

User Image

Eternal Sailor Tsui is the Senshi of Tigers and general butt kicker of the bad guys, so she claims. She's rough and tumble and is never afraid to throw herself into harm's way or try something crazy to get the win in a fight. As one of the founding members of the Painite Survivors Support Group and a member of the Jovian Court, she's recently given up her solo hunts and has tried her very best to be a team player, due to much concern and proding from her friends. On occasion she'll take to the streets alone, but she'll never hesitate to answer a call for help or hang out with others, as she's seen what becomes of others when left alone to the Negaverse's villainy. At the moment, she's on a quest to investigate her past home of Tsui and figure out the mystery of her Tigers, as well as the object she's found, a fancy looking Seal...

-- Eternal Sailor Tsui may have reached Eternal status, but she still has a lot to learn, though she's willing to share what she does know with others, and that's how to fight.
-- Tsui feels that her Senshi duty trumps all other duties and this has negatively affected her civilian life
-- Tsui has suffered a few scars on her side thanks to two different attacks; the first set of scars come from General Benitoite, and the second comes from General Painite. She's lost a tooth in a fight against Sailor Eucalse, and Schorl's whip managed to leave her mark on her right thigh. She's eager to show off her scars to others as a warning of what their enemy is capable of, as well as the cost of carelessness.
-- In combat, Tsui often takes the vanguard position, wanting to strike first and fierce. Her Glorious White Tiger attack is perfect for not only repelling an enemy back, but stuns them as well. However, she is headstrong and resilient to wanting help, even when things look bad (or more often then not now is too defensive of others to allow them the chance to get harmed on her behalf). Whether she wants to admit to it or not, Tsui could definitely use some support.
-- Tsui doesn't have a guardian cat of her own, but she shares her home with Pippin every so often
-- Tsui is particularly defensive of Pages, after the events of the Ambush that happened in the summer. She's vowed to protect them, at any cost... (especially since she has a romantic relationship going on with Sutai, Squire of Polaris)
-- Fellow members of the PSSG are Eternal Ida, Eternal Athene, Eternal Chaonis and the Guardian cat, Liryn.

What Tsui's looking for in a battle RP?
* Battles and training lessons. She likes fighting. Really likes it.
* Team dynamics. Tsui is a vanguard/striker, but lacks the power to fight on her own. If you need a vanguard/striker, Tsui's your girl.
* Companions/Rivals.
* Training and preparing other Senshi and Pages to fight and defend themselves
* Ferrying people to spaaaaaaaaace!

UPDATE: Eternal Tsui spends 90% of her powered time on her homeworld, trying to unlock the secrets of her planet's past as well as train herself to protect her girlfriend, Sutai. The DF really messed her up and she will not return until she feels she is strong enough to prevent the terrible fate that became of her girlfriend and her teammates in the PSSG.  


Dapper Grabber


Dapper Grabber

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:05 pm
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Have You Met Richard Moreau // Captain Buddingtonite??

User Image

Status: CLOSED

User ImageInformation on the Civilian, Richard Moreau.

Richard Moreau is a twenty-six year old gentleman that co-owns and runs a candy store called Sugar Shanty, though it has recently been the victim of a wild youma attack and is undergoing heavy repairs, so it is being manned by his twin-brother, Daran. However, all of that is FINALLY in the past and he is ready to get back to work, once he shakes off the off-the-job hitters. When he's not at his business, he can be found scattered all throughout the nightclubs and all the fun places in Destiny City, looking for a good time with interesting people and to drink his troubles away. Richard is a rather peculiar man, as he once enjoyed galavanting, gambling, thrills, finding enjoyment in the weirdest or most mundane things possible, though now due to recent affairs, he's grown to favoring the bottle and if he's not pushed by others around him, he lingers in his condominium. He's openly bisexual and doesn't often believe in having long-term relationships outside of 'F-Buddies'. He is always open for the occasional flirt and romp-around-the-hay (if you know what I mean).

Things to note:
- Richard portrays himself to be a classy gentlemen and will usually carry himself in a very uptight manner, but inwardly he's no where near as classy as he portrays himself to be.
- Richard enjoys flirting and having sex, but he's not in a relationship for the long run
- He has two dogs, an Irish wolfhound named Baldwin and Great Dane puppy named Dummy, gifted to him by Krishna Drawan. He is extremely protective of them both.
- Sugar Shanty is reopening and he's having some mixed feelings...
- Richard considers himself a business partner with his neighbor, Krishna Drawan, and has grown increasingly dependent on his friend for some well-needed stability.
- He's openly bisexual, though he is cautious to go too far with anyone appearing under the age of 17
- Richard's favorite drink is anything with bourbon in it (like Ron Burgundy loves Scotch, Richard loves his Bourbon).

Looking for RPs!
* The occasional meet-and-greet, flirt, and other things. He can be found at bars, raves, restuarants, wandering the streets drunk, etc.
* Showing off his new dog, a Great Dane puppy, and putting up with her shenanigans.
* A pick-me-up kind of RP, something to remind him that things aren't so bad.
* Pretty much anything!

UPDATE: Richard has more or less abandoned his newly reopened candy store, Sugar Shanty to his brother and is now with Krishna in India. He keeps his FB's posted on his wild shenanigans from time to time.

User ImageInformation on the Negaverse Officer, General Buddingtonite.

General Buddingtonite of the Infiltration Branch of the Negaverse has one solid goal in mind: recruitment! Whether it be civilians or even a member of the opposing team, Buddingtonite's goal is to eventually pull them over to what he considers to be the winning team, and being a businessman himself, he knows that it often takes time and patience to lure them over. True, his willing involvement in Wolframite's White Phoenix Rising hasn't put him among the top of the Negaverse's finest anymore, and the double betrayal from Bischofite and his dastardly youma has pretty much soured his interests in the Negaverse, but he's still there to do a job (just with some bitching and whining along the way). Perhaps there is one way to get back into the Negaverse' good grace... or bend the rules to where generals like Serpentine and himself are the shining examples of the best, but for now, he'd just be happy to drain energy and task starseeds, all the while feeding into his growing ambition.

Things to Note:
- Buddingtonite is part of the Infiltration branch, so he's more focused on recruiting and spreading good PR than fighting.
- That doesn't exclude him from battles, however. When cornered or insulted, Buddingtonite will not hesitate to strike first.
- His primary weapon is his good looks and charm, and if that fails to impress, he has a bladed boomerang and a youma at his disposal.
- His youma, Gra, is a crab-like youma that is roughly the size of a toy dog, and while his offensive attacks are quite pathetic, his defenses are top-knotch and he has the ability to latch onto a body part to act as a temporary shield.
- In Buddingtonite's mind, those who are not potential recruits are either one of two things: fodder, or an enemy, and he will not hesitate to treat one as such.
- Likes to travel in pairs, among his favorite is General Serpentine.
- He has grown quite an infatuation with a certain senshi here, and he has a feeling it's going to land him into a lot of trouble...
- Death of mother at his own hands in December has pretty much pushed him over the edge.
- While loyal to the Negaverse, his trust in their command and other members has diminished from events such as the White Phoenix Rising and Das Gift.
- Because of his involvement in White Phoenix, he is marked, and he resents this. He doesn't regret his decision, however.
- There are two Negaverse lieutenants that he coddles and holds dear to him, and they are Lieutenant Turquoise and Lieutenant Schriebersite. Mess with them, and he'll get irrationally violent.
- The sight of Super Sailor Leda breaks his mask and reverts him into the mindset of a berserker.

Looking for RPs:
* Occasional meet-and-greets, flirting, the usual shenanigans, either with another officer or on his own. Now that he's General, he feels as though he can take on the world!
* Battles, of course. Nothing holding him back now... got a bladed boomerang he's just dying to try out.
* Meeting more members of the Dark Mirror Court, please? He may have acted out against them, but it was nothing personal, he swears! He simply doesn't feel they are equals...
* MORE ENCOUNTERS WITH CHIBI SENSHI. He doesn't like children but fears the wrath of Ganymede...
* Possible recruits for the glorious Negaverse.
* Someone to air out his grievances to, even if it's an enemy.

UPDATE: In India, with General Serpentine. Probably banging and then seeding unfortunate victims to keep Gra fat and happy. Reports in from time to time, though nothing really substantial or noteworthy.  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:06 pm
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Have You Met Nyasa Freeman // General Mica?
User Image

Status: CLOSED

User ImageInformation on the Civilian, Nyasa Freeman.

Nyasa Freeman is an EMT drop out who was once making her living as a member of the Dark Disciples gang, where she sold drugs, collecting what's owed, and gathering valuable intel off the streets. This is still a small part of her life, even after returning to the 'straight and narrow' as she is currently looking into returning to her EMT training. She's cold to the touch and extremely deceptive, and not to mention never afraid to get her hands dirty, as it was a lifestyle that she grew up with. She's not completely without compassion, as she's willing to off a little patch work here and there, as well as assisting others in finding homes and giving them advice, if they're able to handle the harsh truth she and her world have to offer.

Things to note:
- Nyasa is an off and on again EMT who is willing to do quick patch up jobs, if the pay is well. A lady needs to pay bills, after all.
- Can work her way around the dark and gritty of Destiny City thanks to her colorful background. She makes a habit to map out territories of gangs and drug routes as she's certain they'll have their uses later on.
- Cold as ice and incredibly deceptive; if she looks like she's showing interest, it's likely not very sincere and once she finds what she's looking for, she'll abandon you at the drop of a hat. Nothing personal, though.
- Upon her return to the Destiny City scene, she lived with Richard Moreau at his condomonium, but now she lives on her own in the apartment set up by Ever Ambrodiel. Willing to have a roommate, but not immediately looking for one just yet.
- She's working her way back into the EMT training and settling debt, if anyone needs a patch up job or could spare a few dollars, Nyasa's willing to do some labor (but not that kind of labor.)
- Though she's stubborn to admit it, she's rather excited to be the Maid of Honor in Makayla's wedding and she hopes her groom is worthy to marry her best and dearest friend.

Looking for RPs!
* EMT work and patch ups, anything to exercise her medical skills and knowledge.
* Her hobbies include going to rave parties, clubbing, and information gathering, so if anyone wants to chill with her at a bar or rave, she's available.
* Temporary part time jobs, running errands, and also errands. Yes, it's exactly what you think it means.
* Though she's a bit distant and thinks she has little interest in making friends, she's down for the occasional meet and greets.

UPDATE: No one knows what Nyasa Freeman does in her free time...

User ImageInformation on the Negaverse Officer, General Mica.

General Mica is someone to be feared when it comes to the White Moon Court and their Knight allies, and maybe even among the Negaverse. She was once one of the Rainbow Crystal bearers, however, after a few months of soul searching during her return to the Negaverse, she has opted to surrender her amber crystal in place of a portable medkit to further embrace her new duties in the Negaverse as their (self proclaimed) Head Field Medic. She has recently taken in Captain Amethyst under her wing and considers him a partner in medicine. Though she considers herself a medic, this does not make her any less dangerous to her enemies, however, as she is quick to strike at any opponent that dares to cross her path, regardless of who or what they are. Upon her return, she found herself disgusted with the changes within the Negaverse, but she has come to accept the changes and her loyalty is renewed once more, making her ready to take the hurt to the enemy, all the while patching up her allies. As of late, she's been spending a lot of her time keeping an eye on one of her charges, Eternal Sailor Vespa, and his family... as she has her suspicions.

Things to Note:
- General Mica is quick to attack and will always seek to end the battle quickly, so approach with caution (the spear should be a clear sign that she's not too friendly). She also doesn't hold back or make for much conversation.
- Equally deceptive as Mica as she is as Nyasa when it comes to showing interests in others. She's more interested in the information one has to offer than anything else and will not think twice to use her looks to her advantage, as well as use her allies to her advantage.
- Extremely loyal to the Negaverse and will not tolerate traitors or failures, as seen with her continual hounding of Eternal Vespa.
- Sailor Euclase is her senshi and despite her cold facade, she does care for her and is determined to see her shine as a prime example of the Corrupted Senshi should strive to be.
- Decided on Spec-Ops, but will be spending most of her time as a Field Medic. ((Working on making a unit with Captain Amethyst, stay tuned for that.))
- No longer owns the amber Rainbow Crystal. After losing her weapon to Sailor Cybele in a fight and a run in with Eternal Maia, she felt she was unworthy of its power and surrendered it to General-King Zinkenite upon her promotion. It's whereabouts are unknown.
- Is not interested in romance or deep friendships. Exceptions being Euclase, and she does have an amount of respect for her fellow officers, but currently not interested in this thing called 'friends'. To her, they're just working together towards a common goal.

What Nyasa/Micalooking for in an RP?
* Always game for battle. Always. Be warned, she does play rough, so if you're afraid of being skewered, either avoid Mica at all costs, or feel free to discuss the battle plan with me. Mica might be a frigid beast, but I'm willing to improvise!
* Learning more about the inner workings of the Negaverse and offering assistance/guidance/training now that she is a General.
* Companions/Rivals.
* Minions of her own, whether it be Senshi or youma
* Seeking out and patching up wounded Negaverse officers and Corrupt Senshi.
* Run ins with Dark Mirror Senshi, as I feel she has such little interaction with them as a whole. Given their shaky alliance, I'm willing to run by a few fun plots with that involving Mica.
* Someone to question her as to why she's so hard on poor little Vespa, perhaps? Or maybe try and break her out of her cold hearted shell...


Nyasa Freeman/General Mica has suffered a grave wound during Exodus of the Wasp and is therefor out of commission while her wound heals. If anyone wishes to RP with her, it will likely be limited to visits and chatting. Her recovery is expected to take awhile...

UPDATE: Who knows what became of General Mica after taking care of Hugbell? Probably spending time in the Rift to clean her hands of her disgusting misdeeds. No one knows and few dare to ask.


Dapper Grabber


Dapper Grabber

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:08 pm
User Image

Have You Met Scott Erlea // Eternal Vespa?

User Image

Status: CLOSED

User ImageInformation on the Civilian, Scott Erlea.

Scott Erlea is a bumbling but hard working 18 year senior at Meadowview High School who's a PE junky and really into collecting bugs (the cause of much awkward scenarios when his newest collection tries to escape). He's diligent with his classwork and helps his family take care of his four younger siblings when he's not in school. He also really loves movies, and is extremely shy around girls. With his graduation literally just around the corner, he is planning on going to college and has put out several applications, though admittedly he's extremely nervous about the endeavor and fears he may crack under the pressure. Though he is extremely shy around girls, there is one in particular that has gained his interests, and only just recently gathered the courage to address the matter with her, though a lot of good that does him. What with him leaving for college and all...

Things to note:
- Very physically active but not that athletic (he puts forth a lot of effort though)
- Loves collecting bugs and often carries one or two in a jar in his booksack
- Is the oldest of five boys: brothers are named Mikey (Michael), John, George, and Paul.
- Short temper and quick to strike out, both verbally and physically, if provoked.
- However quick to anger, he is also quick to forgive and forget to avoid an ongoing feud.
- Always looking for someone else to lead, never wants to take the lead for himself. Exception to this is when he is with his siblings. Even then, he feels uncomfortable leading.
- He is extremely shy around girls, and can be a little on the awkward side. He is currently dating Penelope Seneca, though he fears it won't last too long.
- Geeky and completely in love with low-budget sci-fi movies, as well as kaiju films like Godzilla and Gamera.
- Getting ready for a big change in his life...

Looking for RPs!
* Making friends, people who can put up with his awkwardness.
* The casual meet-and-greet, always open for those!
* Someone to vent his problems to. They won't be his problems for too long, he hopes, but he's feeling apprehensive, especially when making long term relationships.

UPDATE: Since graduating high school, Liam has chosen to give up his second life as a Senshi and focus all of his attention on his studies. Attending college with girlfriend, Penelope.

User ImageInformation on the Corrupt Eternal Sailor Vespa.

Eternal Sailor Vespa is the Senshi of Wasps, and once upon a time, he was more than eager to let others know about it as he is quick to strike without warning or provocation. He is a member of the Spec-Ops branch and has thus taken his duty extremely seriously, though after so many missions and realizing the true horror that the chaos has caused to others, his stings have become less potent. Though he is extremely aggressive, he is constantly thwarted by his own clumsiness as well as his own conscious, as though he is loyal and obeys every command from his superiors, he is not too happy with the pain he and his organization seem to be causing to the citizens of Destiny City. As much as he is growing aware of the darkness he surrounds himself in, he once feared that there was no escape for him, and he fears what might lay in wait if he fails Queen Metallia... but thanks to Eternal Kallichore and Pasiphae, he knows what he must do, though it won't be easy...

Things to note:
- Has reached Eternal Senshi rank, which only adds to his bleeding conscious...
- His attack does damage to his enemy, as well as himself, as he has no control over them after summoning them.
- Though aggressive, his attacks on the White Moon and the Knights have greatly diminished, and unfortunately, it's starting to reflect in his performance...
- Despite being aggressive, he's still a bit of a klutz and his hot-headed temper gets the better of him. Not to mention the crippling self-doubt.
- His desire to see the Negaverse as a well-meaning organization to protect the people has diminished, along with his desire to be a part of them. He's currently working on a way out...

Looking for RPs!
* Battles, after all he is still aggressive and has a reputation to keep up, as continued failures puts his family's lives in danger.
** However, he can be reached or convinced into not fighting with little effort.
* Others to help his transition from the Negaverse to the White Moon, and to share his warnings with. He pretty much lives in a mindset that he could be caught at any moment and wants others to be aware of the Negaverse and their lies, in case he is killed or the conversion wipes his mind clean.
* It is no secret now: He is purifying. Looking for those that wish to help him, AND others who wish to stop him (either trying to convince him otherwise, or threatening to kill him and the ones he holds dear).


UPDATE: Liam gave up his second life as a senshi for focus on college, as memories of the DF left him terrified of powering up ever again.  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:08 pm
User Image

Have You Met Bethany Wyatt // Super Sailor Canopus?

User Image

Status: CLOSED

User ImageInformation on the Civilian, Bethany Wyatt.

Bethany Wyatt is a seventeen year old student at St. Magdelena's Seminary and has lived in Destiny City her whole life. While she does go to a school known for having troubled children, Bethany is quiet and very well behaved, some would even say they hardly notice her existence at all if she didn't spend all of her time volunteering for various fund raisers, food drives and the sort. Despite her demure nature, she is eager to please and is willing to offer her help in whatever way possible, even if it puts her in an awkward situations. With graduation coming in the next year, Bethany's a little nervous about what her future plans will be and knows that her time in the dormitories at the Seminary are coming to a close. Will she get a job? Will she go to college? She's so uncertain!

Things to note:
- Bethany is calm and quiet, and slow to anger, so she's likely to put up with all sorts of crazy people.
- Bethany enjoys helping others, even if they may not want her help or not.
- Bethany has a very demure nature and will often not want to attract attention to herself if she is not busy assisting others.
- Bethany is also very sheltered and will often be clueless to double meanings and innuendos. However, her time with some braver people have wisened her up, and has garnered some interests, so to speak.
- Possibly bicurious...

Looking for RPs!
* The usual meet-and-greets; though she spends a lot of time at St. Mag's, she can be found throughout the city when it comes to volunteering at various services.
* Assisting others with their problems, even if it's just to have a shoulder to cry on or an ear to yell into.
* Awkward situations, something to maybe help break her out of her shell a little. Someone to explore that blossoming bicuriosity with, perhaps?
* Maaaaaybe a little romance? She hasn't given the notion thought, but it's every girl's fantasy to have a romantic interests, right?

UPDATE: Bethany Wyatt is away on a mission out of the United States. She doesn't know when or if she'll ever be back.

User ImageInformation on the Dark Mirror Senshi, Super Sailor Canopus.

Super Sailor Canopus may not be the most powerful that the Dark Mirror Court has to offer, nor the wisest, nor fastest. However, her devotion to her court and her devotion to the Prince and Princess knows no bounds, as she blindly follows their lead, with admiration in her eyes and hope in her heart that someday, the world will be set right and that the evil-doers that threaten her home are properly dealt with. Even after the events of the White Phoenix, the loyalty to her court has only strengthened, though now she's become extremely weary of the Negaverse and those among the White Moon Court who may want her and her kind dead. Despite this, her resolve to preserve her Court and her courtmates has not wavered in the slightest and she vows to become stronger for their sake. Their lives are hers to safeguard. For her court and for her planet, she is willing to surrender her life without a second thought...

Things to note:
- Canopus has recently hit Super rank!
- Canopus is completely and utterly devoted to the Dark Mirror Court and the two Royals. She will not think twice about laying down her life to protect them or anyone else in her court.
- Though she is horrible at fighting, she will try to defend herself and others if she feels threatened.
- She'd rather not fight, but instead talk out their differences. She's perfectly fine with co-existing until her Court has found a home of their own.
- Not very outgoing and her demure nature carries over, but will gladly assist her allies when in danger without a second thought.
- Does not trust the Negaverse nor their agents, however, she will also not openly attack or antagonize them. After the White Phoenix event, her trust in her former allies has been shattered and cannot easily be gained back.
- She knows a little more about the history of her court and while it doesn't paint a pretty picture, still has unwavering devotion to it.

Looking for RPs!
* Encounters of all kind! Chibi, cats, negaverse too! Everyone!
* Encounters with anti-DMC characters, whether it be Negaverse or former Blood Moon Court members.
* Battles. She's terrible at them and will play very defensive, so if you want a quick and easy win, feel free to knock her around (be warned she'll flash you the biggest puppy dog eyes ever).
* Someone to question her faith- she feels as thought her resolve will be strong, but it's always fun to engage and explore different possibilities.
* Possible peace talk between the fractions, sans Negaverse. Willing to work with White Moon and Knights more than the Negaverse, despite being connected via Chaos.
* People in which to have time to discuss their lords and saviors Remarque and Leto with... (ie, possible recruitment or luring into the DMC for Senshi)
* Problem solving with deep discussion and therapy! She has aspirations to become a psychiatrist.
* Any and everything else in between.

UPDATE: Sailor Canopus has more or less given up her second life as a senshi, as her hatred of the Negaverse and the DMC's continued 'trust' in them has left a sour taste in her mouth. She is disgusted with what she has become and wants nothing to do with the war.  


Dapper Grabber


Dapper Grabber

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:09 pm
User Image

Have You Met Daran Moreau // Sarras Page?

User Image

Status: CLOSED

User ImageInformation on the Civilian, Daran Moreau.

Daran Moreau is Richard Moreau's twin brother, and as most siblings, the things they share in common are few and far between. Besides their family name, they also share ownership of the Sugar Shanty and can be seen there from time to time, especially as of late as he was the one left in charge of its reconstruction after a mysterious explosion destroyed it and killed an employee. When he's not assisting his brother with his store, he's a work-at-home tax consultant and what free time isn't spent dealing with the ongoing tragedies of his family is spent hunting, stuffing and mounting the animals he caught, and praying on others with the occasional prank or two. He doesn't have much to smile about in the recent year, so he'll cling to whatever he can to make him smile, at least to stave off the growing quench for revenge for a little while longer. However, with the recent reopening of the store and recent events in his other occupation, his schedule is now cleared for a little revenge.

Things to note:
- Daran is more strictly business and may come off as stiff, but he can be friendly. Sometimes. Just feels weird to him and others when he tries.
- Daran is Richard's identical twin.
- Daran and Richard are from Sugarland, Texas, and unlike Richard, Daran doesn't hide his thick Texan accent.
- Daran has a strong desire for revenge against those that attacked his family and his brother's business. In the past year, he's had to deal with the destruction of Sugar Shanty, along with the deaths of his cousin Lucca and his mother, Victoria. Add to this, he fears for Richard's mental health and suspects others are at fault. Once he finds out who, he plans on taking care of them himself.
- Hobbies include hunting, pranks, and being an anti-social a*****e when the whim hits him.

Looking for RPs!
* Any kind of meet-and-greets. He can usually be found around Sugar Shanty or on-site for his clients, so the business district is his usual hang out.
* Crazy shenanigans either involving his brother, or being confused for his brother. Seriously, considering how loosey-goosey his brother is, people seem to get them confused all the time and that definitely digs under his skin.
* Anyone who's willing to offer information or aid him in finding the ones responsible for Lucca's and Victoria's deaths, and the continued attacks against his brother.
* Whatever you have in mind.
* As for as romantic relations go, he's rather rigid and isn't entirely interested for the moment. It'd be too much of a distraction...

UPDATE: Daran is now running the Sugar Shanty all on his own, thanks to his flake-as-s**t brother running off to India to pal around with Krishna. Spends most of his time running the store.

User ImageInformation on the Knight, Sarras Page.

Sarras, Squire of the Cosmos, has a massive chip on his shoulders, though that may be a bit of an understatement. When Sarras was awoken as a Page, he had lucked out and was given a rough idea of what to expect, but his time as a page had been marred with accidental deaths, misguidance, and the experience of Mistral's quest that left all but two of his party slaughtered mercilessly by one of their own's devices. The ordeal has left him bitter and pushed him away from wanting to work with others in his own faction, and if anything, it has encouraged him to reestablish the desire to use his status as a squire to track down the ones responsible for those that have personally wronged him. He's become more bitter, more aggressive, and he prefers to work alone, despite the dangers.

Things to note:
- Sarras has just been promoted to Squire. While he still has only a basic idea of his goal as a knight, he is more inclined to fulfill his own desires.
- Sarras despises his attire and his weapon, and will be extremely defensive if he thinks anyone is either openly or secretly mocking him.
- Despite having a pathetic clay cup, Sarras is very, very hands on in his attacks and will not hesitate to throw punches or grapples against his opponents.
- He is a very 'attack on sight' when it comes to the Negaverse, as he suspects they're the ones behind the deaths in his family, as well as Richard's madness. He is unaware of the other person involved in Victoria's death, however... His opinions on the DMC, Guardian cats and Chibi senshi are STILL pending at the moment.
- Not likely to want to work with others, but can be coerced or forced to. Despite his bitterness, he'll feel obligated to help out an ally in need, if only to chew them out afterwards...
- Does not trust Mercury knights. He won't go out of his way to harm them, but he will likely treat one coldly until they've proven themselves trustworthy.

Looking for RPs!
* Encounters of all kind! Chibi, cats, negaverse too! Everyone!
* Battles. Especially with officers and senshi in the Negaverse. He has a personal bone to pick with them and when he finds out which officers were directly responsible for Lucca's and Victoria's death, he intends on spending his final breath making them pay.
* Meeting with other knights, senshi (order or chaos), cats and chibi. He won't be estatic to work together, but he'll put up with it. He's more likely to be befriend chibi and cats at this point, however...
* Anyone who may be willing to either offer intel for the Negaverse or assist in his quest for revenge// alternatively, someone to help talk him down and take a less brutal approach to his almost irrational desire for revenge.
* Any and everything else in between.

UPDATE: Since going knight, Sarras is seldom seen lurking about Destiny City. He focuses solely on finding the killer of his cousin and mother, but since Buddingtonite seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, there's no need for Sarras to exist...  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:11 pm
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Dapper Grabber

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:21 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:23 pm
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Fanatical Raider

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:18 pm
Hey Gingi! Congrats on Richard's recent upgrade to Lt. Buddingtonite. He looks absolutely spiffy in fact. <3

Dallol is likely not going to be very pleased that she'll be sized up and flirted with again by Richard himself but muses do exist to be tortured by us after all. Lol.. *shot* xd Besides, there is a chance that he might get away with it since she's not great at picking up on subtleties like that. ^^

Anyway I'm digressing.. << Dallol is currently in the midst of being misled by Remarque shortly after her awakening so I thought it'll be even better if she gets to meet Buddingtonite next as her first encounter with the Negaverse to blur the lines between Order and Chaos even more. So what say you to that? ^^; unfortunately this will mean that she'll either run from Tsui screaming or try to fight her or something.. >>  
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:24 pm
Hey Gingi! Congrats on Richard's recent upgrade to Lt. Buddingtonite. He looks absolutely spiffy in fact. <3

Dallol is likely not going to be very pleased that she'll be sized up and flirted with again by Richard himself but muses do exist to be tortured by us after all. Lol.. *shot* xd Besides, there is a chance that he might get away with it since she's not great at picking up on subtleties like that. ^^

Anyway I'm digressing.. << Dallol is currently in the midst of being misled by Remarque shortly after her awakening so I thought it'll be even better if she gets to meet Buddingtonite next as her first encounter with the Negaverse to blur the lines between Order and Chaos even more. So what say you to that? ^^; unfortunately this will mean that she'll either run from Tsui screaming or try to fight her or something.. >>

Thank you! @w@ Ende did a great job!

And that sounds like something Remarque would totally do, the little wormtongue (ILU KYU). But that sounds like it could be a lot of fun- Buddy's going to join the Infiltration unit in the Negaverse so he'll be more than happy to carry on where Remarque left off. You know, assuming he can get his eyes off of her awesome 'outfit' XD

So I'll be glad to do that RP. And we can do the follow up with Tsui and Dallol afterwards, too. >_< Going to be fun!

If you don't mind waiting, I can get it started tonight. But if you wish to start, you're more than welcome (and we can start it any time, really.).  


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:43 pm
Yes! Ende and all the artists in the shop for that manner create such lovely pieces of art while bringing our characters to life. <3

Lol.. yes. I really wanted to see how this will go since it's always fun to see the muses getting confused about their allegiances plus this will work out rather nicely with Buddingtonite's Infiltration role too. ^^ She'll likely be very upset as to why this had to happen to her if she ever gets herself out of this given how deeply Chaos would have sunk its claws into her by then. And he'd better be discrete about checking her out else she might smack the back of his head with her ladle. Lol.. xd

Yes! I'm totally keen for all that and if there's anything you wanna try with Hafwen/Dallol for either of your two, please feel free to let me know. It'll be fun for all so long as you can put up with my slow mole tagging. I'll be rushing a presentation that's due tomorrow so you can start first if you want really. ^^  
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:43 am

Consider it done!

We can switch it to a Reg or Bat when we decide which one we want (if he gets a peak in and she smacks him with the ladle, then we can consider it a battle.) I'm fine with either or!  


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Fanatical Raider

PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:28 am
I'll probably be aiming for a Battle if that's fine with you since Dallol needs to get some of those. It doesn't have to be an all out rawr hate kind of fight though. Could be a friendly sparring session depending on their opinions of each other eventually. Hee... =3 And thanks a lot for starting the thread. I will have to tag you as soon as I'm home tomorrow. <3  

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