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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:23 pm
User Image

Once a week we will be having an official guild announcement for pride owners to post important information and updates concerning their prides. This information should be posted here in this thread, but please read the following rules and guidelines.

User ImageRules and Guidelines
  • A guild announcement will be posted once a week, on Saturday. (Please be patient if it is late - uncontrollable circumstances can and do happen.)
  • Pride Owners have until the day before (Thursday) to post any important information that pertains to their pride here.
  • Only one post per pride a week. We're aware that people forget things, but multiple posts for a pride would be very messy.
  • Only one pride owner should post this information.
  • You must discuss the announcement with all active pride owners before sending it.
  • Announcements for multiple prides can be posted together, but use separate forms for each please.
  • Do not include links in your announcement! If you must point to a specific thread, make an announcement in your pride subforum and mention that in your pridal announcement. Links will no longer be put into the pridal announcements.
  • On Friday, all the info posted here will be gathered and put into the announcement.

User ImageDos and Don'ts
Things that will not be announced:
  • Any requests for new members. All prides are looking for new members and any simple 'We still need new members!' or anything similar will not be posted.
  • Birth announcements. There are a lot of SoA breedings and it is unnecessary to post each one. If the birth pertains to a specific plot development, then it can be discussed with us, but generic birth announcements can be posted in the pride subforum.
  • More may be posted here in the future. Please understand that we reserve the right to tell you something may not be posted.

Things that can be announced:
  • New rules or pride changes.
  • Reminders for people to look at old rules or pride information.
  • Changes in IC or OOC leaders.
  • Pride contests.
  • Important pride plots and important IC information the pride should be aware of.
  • You are not limited to these things, but they are just examples of what you can do!

If you have information you think needs to be posted in the weekly pride announcements and have read all this information, then fill out the form below and post it in this thread.

User ImagePost this form here in this thread!

Did all active owners give their consent?
PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:36 am
Announcement: 09/11/10

User Image To all past and present Simbafutaji members!
  • Rules/Customs have been updated and made more non-RPer friendly, so please look them over again!
  • We're in need of a LOT of info for the Members List! So if you could please check this thread out (for current members) or this thread (for dispersed members) and fill out the form needed, it would be VERY appreciated!
  • We also FINALLY have a thread to post your gathered info in here!
  • We've got a metaplot starting, so please do check out this thread~ And keep your eyes peeled for a future contest!

User Image To all Antianeira members ...
  • The pride has officially been taken back by the exiled queen, Hippolyta. You can read a short recount of the events here.
  • With her comes changes for the pride, as well as a new consort, Ebere, and her cubs. Ebere will hold the new rank of Priestess for the pride and her cubs will be princesses, as Hippolyta considers them her own. You can read more about the changes to the pride here.
  • Also, a note for all pride members! If your girl isn't on the pride memberlist, she is NOT officially part of the pride. The same goes for cubs/breedings. This means you CAN NOT get the pride cert until you post an update for the memberlist. It's out of date and Blue is not going to run all over the guild looking for images and info. You can post updates here.


Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:22 am
Announcement: 09/25/10

User Image Attention all Inknimaya members!
  • If all pridal members could send a friends request to the pridal account for PM' purposes we would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you have any member updates or if anyone is missing from the member list, please post it so we can make sure everything is up to date!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:05 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Motoujamii-Simo
The desert is currently undergoing a severe drought, and tensions are high! Check the main forum for info on the event. Plots will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and there are plenty opportunities for IC and OOC prizes.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Antianeira
The memberlist has been updated! If your lioness is not on it, she's not part of the pride. Same goes for any cubs/juves/adols that aren't on it. Please post an update for your lioness if you find something wrong with the memberlist. Pride information has also been updated!

Peace returns to the lands with Hippolyta as queen and everyone is able to relax a little. The only problem now is that the queen insists on her first-born daughter as heir... despite her bouts of strange, unbalance behavior and disinterest in duties as royalty. Many think that the princess Ariadne would be a better choice with her kind nature, even if she is a hybrid and the consort's daughter, rather than the queen's. The lionesses are slowly taking sides, but it'll be a while before things come to a head.  

Vice Captain


PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:22 am
Pride: Bahari'mtoto
Owners: Remove
Did all active owners give their consent? Yep smile

The Plot has started!!!

Can all members please check the pride plot thread in the plot sub-forum as all announcements regarding the Tsunami will be posted there. If after the plot starts you want your lion to be found then you need to post in the plot thread otherwise I will probably miss it!

Also importantly - All adolescents please read over the rites rules - an RP must be made with the family for their rites to be done. The rites thread is only for rogues joining the pride!

Thank you smile  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:18 am
Pride: Theluji'Mkazi
Owners: ShinosBee, Grotesque Panda
Did all active owners give their consent? Yep.

The meta has begun!

All pride members directly involved in the meta should now check their PM inboxes for the first round of RP's pairings and prompts! RPs must be completed in the time allotted, or else the plot cannot progress and everyone else is hampered.

All regular members are also urged to RP, as major upheaval is descending on the pride! Midnight meetings where lions talk of rebellion and false promises made by the queen! Fear and a sense of coming dread creeping through the tunnels of the dens like a mist! Whispered alliances and weapons forged in secret! The battle for the throne is drawing near, and all are welcome to pick their side to root for!  



Computerized Raider

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:55 pm
Pride: Matyembezi'Wasakaji
Owners: NovaCracker, Das Tor
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes indeedily-doo.

There has been a recent update to the Command-- Mioyo has moved on on a journey and appointed Shupavu to replace her as Commander serving alongside Commander Dovev.

As such for now the much younger commander has instituted a Zero-Tolerance policy for Deserters. Where in the past it has been more open to others coming and going, the Commander's own child leaving has encouraged Commander Shupavu to institute a Zero Tolerance policy for deserters of any age, including cubs. For now, once in the pride one cannot leave, even if born into it. While desertion will be known to happen, cubs leaving in-pride mothers, and cubs brought in by males from outside females, will be treated just as severely as an adult.

Presently the cost of desertion is death. Deserters will be killed on sight of pridal land for an unspecified amout of time.

What this means OOCly:

* Females breeding -must- keep all children in the pride, even if the male is an outsider. If the male breeds outside, you'll basically be handling the male as lying to Shupavu while this restriction is in place.

* Deserting lions will be expected to be attacked on sight. To note deserters just let us know. wink

* This IS the beginning of a slow-overarching Metaplot. The owners expect this ICly to be highly unpopular among the pride ince... Shupavu's kind of a jerk and won't be in power long. The story/RPs to depose of him will come eventually, Watch RPs for updates.

* This DOES mean your SoA CAN DIE without approving plots with Tow and I. We like juicy plot. But really, really juicy.


Pride: Ardhi'Mavringo'Patano
Owners: NovaCracker, Das Tor, [ Hey You! ]
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes indeedily-doo.

Just a reminder to pride members the Metaplot RP contest is still going on! We also have the major Meta info for the coming war we've been dropping brick-like hints about in the Recruitment Forum. ICly the political environment is getting really really bad-- The Governesws is planning to stand down and allow her young son Piatsu hushrenada-Yuy take over, and not everyone is pleased...

Get ready for good times!

We also have almost all of the cultural information up for all your RP needs-- SO GO READ IT before Shinigami goes omnomnom. ;P  
PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:44 pm
Pride: Ithambo’hlabathi (Bonelands)
Owners: Kaelyndra
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes

To all members of the Boneland pride that wish to retain ranking positions, please post in this thread if you wish your lion to maintain said position. If you are currently active, or are planning on being active and wish your lion to be considered for a new position as we re-establish, please also post in this thread.

To everyone: A large metaplot is in the works. This will involve everyone interested whether or not you currently have a member of the pride. Current pride members will be directly involved, and members that were ICly born in the pride will be available. This meta will be heavily governed by YOUR CHARACTERS ICly, so the more you are active throughout, the more influence your character will personally have on the outcome. There will be chances for rank changes and new lions for everyone. More information will be posted in the update thread in the pride as the finishing touches on the event are done. Another announcement will be put out for official "sign-ups" as the start draws near.  

Ithambo hlabathi


PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:43 pm

Pride: Motoujamii-Simo [Firekin]
Owners: Kimaria and Mimsey
Did all active owners give their consent? Yep!

As drought conditions worsen, the pride has convened together to decide what will be done. Will water be shared equally, at the expense of security? Or will they remain strong at the expense of the weak?

It's up to you to decide! Check the Motoujamii subforum for the voting thread and voice your opinion! Your vote will determine how the story continues.
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:24 am
Pride: Bahari'mtoto
Owners: Remove
Did all active owners give their consent? Yep

The Plot has come to an end!

Please PM the mule if you want your lion considered for the council! PM Remove if you want RP with Neith, she is up for any RP even if it's an argument where others don't trust her. The plot is officially over and the pride is getting use to the new land they are having to deal with. The pride will be in a bad state for a long time, clearing it up will take a while. The rites will start being done again soon - there will be an ORP for anyone to join once the rites start again - it will be with Neith showing there is no need to loose faith in the ocean.

Also please read the last post in the plot thread - it has new information in it that is important to all the pride. Thank you!  

Baharimtoto Pride



PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:24 pm
Pride: Ela'wadiyi
Owners: Safaia
Did all active owners give their consent?: Yep

OOCly: If all active Clan Owners would PM Safaia, that would be great! I want to shift the alu'nadi to more active members in the clans, so please make sure to PM me if you'd like to keep yourself as clan owner, or even if you'd like to pass it on to someone else active within your respective clan.  
PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 6:04 pm
Pride: Mwezi'Johari
Owners: Ecavi
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes

Starting Sunday, Sept 4th, there is a pride-wide plot relying entirely on existing members being run and, while that means no contests and minimal giveaways, it would be very nice to see some activity! The plot will stretch over 6 weeks and many positions will open up during that time. The minimum activity requirement really is just a presence in SoA so don't be shy of applying, even if your activity in the pride is minimal during and/or outside of plot times.

Watch the pride subforum for more information! Also note that rogue joining of the pride will be closed for the duration of the plot, any last minute requests should come directly to Ecavi ASAP.  


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Tipsy Bloodsucker

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:06 am
Pride: Maestros Del Mar
Owners: Buffy the Bloody
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes its just me.
All members need to check that their names are on the Members List. If they are not, they need to post their apps in the Joining thread so it can be documented. Please do this in a timely manner. Thank you smile  
.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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