Here is my avi. And the Personal Website leads to my Twitter page. If you want to hear a guy talk about Doctor Who and Pokemon, I'm your guy.

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Hopes and Dreams & SAVE the World - Undertale (LittleVMills Epic Rock Cover)

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Here is a quick summary about myself with spoiler tags to shorten the page

Howdy there! Welcome to my profile!
I'm deciding to abridge [and slightly elongated version] the About Me:
24 Years old
Male (I occasionally like to change my avi's gender for fun)
Currently living in America
College Graduate

Jobless (at the moment, just moved to Alaska and all)
Science is awesome!
I love art! I've graduated with a Bachelor in Art, so I do understand art with a good bit of insight.
A Fox Furry (Not afraid to admit it!)
Loves anime and manga (my collection is growing quite a bit... o-o' )
Gamer (I don't give a damn if it's PC or consoles, I'll play what I see is fun! And by the way, PC isn't the master race.)
Pokemon Fan (if I haven't made it obvious enough)
Whovian (As you can probably tell by my profile. David Tennant is my first Doctor I fell for. Matt Smith was great and I'm REALLY enjoying Peter Capaldi.)
Honest person (Can ya tell?)
Loves traveling
Loves animals (I now have a new family pet! An Alaskan Malamute!)
Loves my friends
Hates Drama (I am not one for drama, but if it appears, I'll do my best to comfort anyone in any way I can.)
Hates people who judge from looks (I mean, c'mon! It's the 21st century here! Don't base any opinions on looks alo- wait, people will sadly always judge this way...)
Hates unfaithful people
I'm an all around happy person! (I may be shy, but I'll poke my head out of my shell if you nicely coax me.)
I'm Random (Nothing like- flies out and hugs, but personality-wise, it'll change.)
Use your English, please! I would be ever so grateful if you typed audibly.

Avatar thoughts:
I love changing and tweaking my avi into new looks. But if you want a specifically "human" look from me... Then tough luck. If you ever find me in a human look, it would be likely a cosplay or one of my characters, more or less. I specialize in fox, kitsune, or otherwise keaton avatars. There will NOT be any other animal types, unless addressed in my signature. My favorite color schemes for my outfits are: red/black, black/white, or CMYK styles, with a hint of white occasionally on the rb or CMYK. I REFUSE to trade any items that I haven't put up for offer in my MP or in my potential trade requests.

PM Problems:
I am having trouble PMing people. Not for any specific reason, but I lose track of time, due to that I recently moved since I have no more classes or dealings with college or school life. And also, I have a hard time keeping up with people. So a PM even not dealing with one of our talks, or a random PM would be lovely to get!

Thoughts on "Love":
I've been through enough heartbreak. If you want to be my friend, please be a friend. Lately, I've hit my last straw on looking for love. Because I just want comfort, no more stress or pain. I am sorry to those who I've hurt. Please, no more pain... Can a friend say to a friend "I love you" without the idea that it's just more than friendship? "Love" is such a freaking strong word these days. You can love a dog, you can love god or whomever is your deity, you can love your parents. But why can't you love a friend? Because "love" takes on a different meaning outside of your family. You can love them as individuals, but not the act of "love" some may think of doing. This land is full of perverted minds, not like the term of "pervert". It means "alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended." But perverted from the true meaning of "love". It means the feelings states, and attitudes. For which ranges from interpersonal connections, such as parents, or deriving from pleasure, such a s meal. But the one most commonly seen is the emotions of a strong attraction or a personal attachment. That last one, I don't want none of for a long time in the terms of a strong relationship of girl or guy. I know what love is, and now you too. Love your friend, just don't "love" your friend. Heed this advice.

My belief and hope
I still believe there is good in this world. But the news and some people are really making it hard to continue believing in it... It depresses me that, although, we're the most progressive race on Earth, we're now reverting to old habits once again. This new world's peace has died and gave into war, hate, and terror for all the wrong or asinine reasons. Yet, there is proof that some people are still kind, giving, and generous. And that is even more apparent in Youtubers, charity organizations, and people who are willing to protect this planet's wildlife and security. I'll try my best to hold onto that belief, for the greater good of all of us. Until then, I will have to endure this depressing world, in hope that later on in my life, I get to see that good come out in everyone one of us. Please, no more suffering? No more destruction? And no more hate? I beg of you. The future of humanity, begs of you. I understand this isn't as easy as it sounds. But we all need this. I am not weak. I am strong. I am strong enough to have the patience to see this day come. Especially for all of us! If I could, I'd wait a million years to see this world be at peace once more. Just to see that good I once believed in.

That's all you need to know [and more]! See ya!

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."
- Dalai Lama

"Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."
- Michael Masser and Linda Creed

"The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up."
- Mark Twain

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
- Albert Einstein

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense."
- Tom Clancy

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”
- Robert Anthony

"Love everyone. Forgive everyone. Especially Yourself."
- Daniel Avidan

2016 Avi Art!
One of my goals every year is to get as many avatar art as I can. Whether they're gifts or commissions of mine, I am willing to accept all art and support the artists for their talent.

Commissioned from babuzone. You can buy his Commissions here.

The idea alone that there's a bright future. No matter how hard the challenges can get.
As long as you hold onto to that hope. Your determination will be rewarded.
Stay determined, friend. The dark times will soon go away.
Please keep hope. Your determination will shine.

This is my Sig. It might contain info about an RP character I'm playing as in the WG forums or other random stuff.

Character: Agent: Gate or Gate
Bisexual Transgender Male Crimson Red Fox
He is an unknown factor of his ninja unit which follows his mission to the smallest detail.
Bubbly and serious. Flirty and picky. Focused or- not much.
This character is a GUY.
Looks like he can kill you, but actually a cinnamon roll.

"I would like to RAGE."
- Grog Strong Jaw, Vox Machina, Critical Role
He's not dead or anything. I just like the quote.

Yeah, the comments are back, much rejoice. Dramallama, I repel you! Spam is not allowed, and repetitive comments about how I could get a ton of gold are banned and you shall be reported.

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Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 09/07/2016 2:58 pm
That episode was definitely a welcome dose of comedy in the wake of the previous two's heaviness. As cringeful as a lot of the moments were, it was still good to laugh over them. And I'm still up in the air about just what this "fousaka" spice is supposed to be, and whether or not it's even illegal. Like Sam himself was speculating on later, Scanlan could just be setting up a purchase of some food-additive that's really just expensive and hard to grow, like saffron. Which would make it funnier, at least to me.

Speaking of legality, if you're looking for an *official* free way to look over D&D 5e's rules, there's the quick-start basic rules on the official D&D site. They don't cover everything in the player's handbook, of course... but it gives a good overview of the fundamental rules, if you're looking to get acquainted with them.
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 09/02/2016 8:11 pm
You do make some interesting points, I'll admit. But at the end of the day, fans can theorize all over the place about what Raishan might be capable of, and what she could actually do to really put Vox Machina at a disadvantage. It's even likely that Matt himself is still working out what all will go into the plotline that directly involves her... and presumably/hopefully her defeat.

If you can't get any of the D&D sourcebooks in local stores, and still want physical copies of the corebooks, there's always sites like Amazon if you do any shopping there. And when it comes to any classes that deal primarily in engineering and building devices (possibly even moreso than Percy's homebrew Fighter build), we might see more information about that when this Tal'Dorei sourcebook Matt's working on finally comes out.
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 09/01/2016 8:24 pm
I dunno -- that seems like a tall order for even Raishan, to masquerade as Kima and convince Grog to turn on everyone. I think at this point in time, Grog simply respects her a whole lot more than he has any romantic interest in her (and even that was mostly prompted by Scanlan goading him into trying to chat her up)... and while he may have low intelligence, he's not the kind of person to turn on a bunch of people who matter to him because one person tries to make him. Kraven Edge tried, and quite definitively failed.

As far as classes go, there is a Monk archetype called Way of Shadow that does lend a few Rogue-like abilities... but multiclassing Monk with Rogue would help balance things more if there's some Rogue abilities that really interest you. Cunning Action would let a Monk do a few bonus actions without spending Ki points, for starters.

And when it comes to humanoid dragons, I think that's what the basic Dragonborn race is for -- you can pick any one draconic color when you build the character, be it metallic or chromatic.
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 09/01/2016 2:35 pm
Still, going by that mix of logic and paranoia, that comes from dealing with an ancient dragon who's a master manipulator and shapeshifter... it's not hard at all to suspect anyone that Vox Machina is close to. Even Allura, who often seems to be absent whenever any real danger is happening, could be suspected with that kind of thinking.

Monks in general can be a very potent class to work with, if you're looking for creative ways to develop a character in ways other than gathering a mass of spells or magic items. Even my current avatar is a representation of, and a partial inspiration for, a multiclass Monk/Warlock that I play... and he's an absolute terror when I roll well. But that's not too surprising to me, given that the whole concept for the character was largely inspired by Bayonetta. xD
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 08/31/2016 4:21 pm
Knowing Vex.... if Gern ever does come back, she'll either try passing off the broom as one she found after he left... or perhaps her conscience will let her speak the truth, and try to convince Gern to let her keep it.

I seriously doubt that Kima is any kind of spy -- not only is her devotion to Bahamut (the good dragon god) above reproach, but she's already proven herself once before when faced with Keyleth's suspicions long before the Chroma Conclave struck. It's entirely possible that there isn't a spy at all, though, and that the group is just being paranoid.

That's another reason why what Critical Role is doing is so admirable -- they're one of the very few popular examples I've seen that have portrayed D&D and tabletop RPGs in a positive manner... and riding the wave of that popularity makes it a grand time to both be a fan of those games, but to take the leap and just try them out. ^^
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 08/25/2016 3:13 pm
I decided to move my response to a comment, otherwise those WG posts would get a little out of hand. ^^;

Anyway, yes -- it would be great if Zahra and Lillith could be in a session together, especially since (if I remember correctly) they're cousins. And when Chris Hardwick has the time to not be in 80 different places at once, a return of Gern would be amusing. xD

And if it would mean less of a workload for Matt to run a bunch of NPCs, it'd be fantastic if another voice actress came on for a regular spot to play Lady Kima. She's another favorite of mine. ^^

As for RPGs, even though it hasn't been consistent over the years, I've been playing "book & paper" RPGs since I was little. And around the time I blundered into the discovery of Critical Role, I had recently started playing the same edition of Dungeons & Dragons that the group was using. So when I got to meet some of the cast, that's basically all that we chatted about: all the different RPGs we've played.
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 08/25/2016 9:12 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
Awesome Avi!
JigglyyPuff Report | 08/17/2016 5:15 pm
Message me Kit! heart I miss youuu!! emo
K-poplover44 Report | 08/16/2016 5:40 pm
thxs for buying heart
yu senpai Report | 04/18/2016 10:31 pm
yu senpai
Oh I just said what because am not that big on spelling Ow O
And I mainly dig the tails and ears, fluffy =w =
Akita the Kitsune
Dat Sparkley Bon3r

David Tennant is
my first and
favorite Doctor
from Doctor Who.
Apparently, Peter Capaldi
doing a great job too.

“Kindness’ covers all
of my political beliefs.
No need to spell them out. I believe
that if, at the end, according
to our abilities, we have done
something to make others a little
happier, and something to make ourselves
a little happier, that is about the
best we can do. To make others less
happy is a crime. To make ourselves
unhappy is where all crime starts.
We must try to contribute joy
to the world. That is true no matter
what our problems, our health,
our circumstances. We must try.
I didn’t always know this and am happy
I lived long enough to find it out.”
- Roger Ebert

"I see now that the circumstances
of one's birth are irrelevant.

It is what you do with the gift of life
that determines who you are."

~ Mewtwo

"The important thing is not
how long you live... It's what you accomplish with
your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want
to prove that I exist. If I could do something
really important... That would definitely
carry on into the future."

~ Grovyle (Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon vg series)



This is my Gaia waifu.
We both agree that the Gaia marriage
system is rather insignificant.
Honestly, I am single, and Heartful
is single too.We did this marriage
thing because of our original
characters. Don't take this the
wrong way. It's only one of my
characters this is with one of
Heartful's characters within our
RP sessions, nothing more than that.