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Avavago Report | 03/13/2018 6:57 pm
Thank you. Though it is missing some items (not available on the marketplace currently) and it still seems to be missing something.
Nice going yourself. It seems you have been rapidly changing your avi. Impressive.
1-800-INSANITY Report | 03/12/2018 8:13 pm
Kitsune Shogun Shiddo Report | 03/12/2018 3:21 pm
*huggles you joyfully* Your avi is pretty cute too! X3
Avavago Report | 03/04/2018 7:22 pm
... just for that, switching to something more menacing.
That sounds like a lot. The cosplaying. Although I know pretty much nothing about it. It sounds like a lot because there is not anything that comes to mind in connecting them. That sounds comfortable to take the break. Working while taking classes kills studying. Sophomore year of college took a heavy hit trying to multitask that for me. I think the adulting has been going well. I live with my older brother now and even though he has been adulting slightly longer than I have I am fairly certain that I am doing much better than he is with it in terms of balance so I find solace in that.
Avavago Report | 03/02/2018 5:47 pm
Huh? What is scary? And that sounds constructive. Very good. It is nice to hear people keeping themselves together.That is becoming increasingly rare to see lately and i have little to no clue why. I am going to bank that a name would not be familiar to be but a cosplay as whom?
I have been keeping busy between work and rest. I think I have a good balance but when I get one side understood something adds on and throws off the balance which keeps me on my toes haha. I think I do a pretty good job at pretending to adult.
Avavago Report | 02/25/2018 2:29 pm
Hey, it sure has been a while huh? How are you?
Avavago Report | 05/18/2017 7:56 pm
I was going for Executioner of the Labyrinth but close enough
Avavago Report | 05/13/2017 6:59 pm
All the better for performing "vivisections", my dear.
Kitsune Shogun Shiddo Report | 05/12/2017 10:27 pm
Yeah, considering y'all live in the lower 48, getting another job is needed to provide for anyone, especially for the minimum wage there. Hopefully the job I just applied for a yarn shop doing some of their graphic design goes through. But that's all the way in Anchorage, need to find a job more local to where I live. Thinking a nerd and geek shop would be my ball of wax. Yeah! A lot of people depend on the PFD for a lot of things.
Yeaaah, when she's out and doing her own thing, malamutes' IQ drop to nil and forget home and food is a thing. She's a sweetheart, though.
Yup! I wish I lived closer so I could drop by and say hi to you. Coming to Alabama will be nostalgic, and a lot has changed. And that's great to hear he treats you right! We all need that sort of comfort. I'll need it soon. Because I honestly need to pick up independent living. But I dunno why, but I'm kinda scared of living on my own.
Mhmm, I had to learn that lesson quickly.
Kitsune Shogun Shiddo Report | 05/01/2017 12:42 am
Oh man, that sucks. Hopefully it'll pick up steam soon, as much as people complained it was gone. Now that it is back, the complainers should return. But it's still within the school time for most people, so they're probably busy with homework and exams.
Well I can't sustain life on nothing, I will have to pick up a job that pays well. And so I can afford to do fun stuff and get a car in the future. Family will have to take a piece of my pay since I live with them... even having to take a chunk of my PFD when it comes in September. PFD or Permanent Funds Dividend, are money given out to Alaskan residents because of the oil pipeline. I'm now a registered resident as of this year, the PFD will give us approximately $2000 a person! It was lower last year because the politicians (maybe the governor) did a stupid and swindled us half of that thinking it was a smart move. stressed
The pupper is good, unless she gets out. Malamutes are notorious of when they are out, they will never come back. And thanks! We'll be going down to Alabama for a week to attend the wedding. June 10th is their wedding day.
Congrats to the both of you! I really do hope she makes you happy! 😁

I gotta stay happy, this world is a weird one and getting weirder and sadder. I always find small things that give me comfort. Because in this crazy world, we need to cling onto the hope of what little good there is. Even if it's only to mask the struggle of reality. Just as faking a smile or putting a fake skip in our step makes us humans feel good, so shall I look at the bright side of life to make myself feel good. smile

About the brokenhearted doll

Ħι Ɯɛℓcσмɛ Ƭσ мʏ Ƥαɢɛ?
My name is Sam or Eevee. I am 22 about to be 23 year old woman. I am married to my Charamander in georgia usa. I am a cosplayer that is going back to college after a year break to become a veterinarian. Working my way up though!
-SSo just to many animes ( just ask!)
-Animals ( except one particular)
-Roleplaying ( im looking for more)
and sweets ( sweet-tooth!)
There is alot more thing i hate or dislike so i cant make a list of them.
I dont care of religion. sorry but i am a explore so you can have your belief, and that is cool. Just dont put it down my throat got it?
Politics: i don't mind except when they do stupid stuff that affect my life.
Im shy but i promise that goes away after we hang out a bit or get to know eachother.
Just shoot me a pm and i promise i dont bite -wags tail-

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Emo doesn't mean u cut. Emo doesn't mean ur gay. Emo doesn't mean ur suicidal. Emo is real. Emo is people. Emo is everything. Emo is a label. Emo is being free. Free to be you. Free to express. Free to tell everyone to f*** off!! Emo is just a word .-EMOS- *Are not cry babies *Do not always wear black *Can be very nice people *Don't always cut themselves *Are not always depressed *Can be happy too *Are normal people just like you .Put this on your profile if you agree with this or emo.
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This is my fox.He is very sweet.Even though he has a busy live,he is very special for me.Love you

Been friends 4 a long time.So he is a dear friend.He is my Kitty just as I am his Kitty. We are very close.

ιтƨ σκ ɢяɛ

, ι cαит cαтcн нιм ɛιтнɛя </3

BUDDY!!! Known this guy forever now! XD kidding He is very smartical! For some reason i still feel like he is younger then me instead of the oppisite...otakus

This is my little Nightmare Friend XD. :) Eli is a good guy known him for a few years now. We have a good time together when we talk.