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Ok. so I know everybody says that they suck at these and I'm no exception. I really never know what to say about myself. My name is Kylie, I am 19 and am going to beauty school at Aveda Institute Portland.

I like to sing, draw, paint, and write. My favorite color is pink and I love Lady Gaga with a passion, I actually got to meet her when she came through Seattle Washington during her ARTRAVE Tour.

I and my loving boyfriend are avid members of the DDLG community, and we dont need anybody giving us s**t. its our life and in the end all that matters is that I and him are happy. If you dont know what DDLG is go ahead and look it up but keep your opinions to yourself. emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

I have an extremely rare chronic autoimmune disease called Evans Syndrome, where my body attacks my platelets and red blood cells, causing me to be extremely anemic and at a high risk for bleeding out. I dint really need your pity or charity or anything like that just treat me like normal plz. emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

I'm a pretty nice person, I donate frequently and at total random. So it would behoove you to be kind to others, because I MIGHT just be standing behind you in rally or towns or sometimes I lurk in the CB or just around the forums. I like gifting people on their birthdays and I will usually gift something off your Wishlist. I love helping people and Im easy to talk to, if you ever need a friend I'm a PM away!~

If you can think of anything you'd like to know/ask, just shoot me a message and I can answer any questions! Don't hesitate!~ emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

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