Name:- Michael
Location:- United Kingdom
Birthday:- 7th October 1990
Music:- Trance, House, Chillout, Progressive, Deep, Ambient, Psybient, Psychill, Downtempo, Breaks, Synthwave/Retro, Liquid DnB, Experimental, Orchestral, New Age, UK Garage, Game OST's, Underground sounds etc..
Hobbies/Interests:- Music producing, Photography, The Universe, Anime, Gaming etc.


What can be said about me in a little more detail? Open minded, loves making new friends, has got a passion for quite a variety of music and enjoys photography, specifically landscape and nature.

I've always had a fascination with Space and wish we had the means of going about Space exploration. I find it to be a beautiful place despite how scary and dangerous it might be. Thanks to games and universe simulations, I can enjoy this from the comfort of my own home even if it is not the real thing. I also enjoy various sorts of Anime, I tend to browse through different ones and watch anything. I particularly like horror, sci-fi, mystery, game, magic & psychological.

In my spare time I also like to do a bit of electronic music producing and I also like gaming. I even still play old games on my PlayStation 1.

I'll keep this brief introduction short and sweet since I don't want to go all out typing an endless essay of information, but if you want to find out more then don't hesitate to message me or add me. Anyway take care, see you around! smilies/icon_cool.gif

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Ejaculation Techniques Report | 07/21/2016 12:41 pm
Ejaculation Techniques
She's in a place where she cn look over you and the ones she beloved. Hope you're feeling much better. emotion_brofist emotion_hug
Always here for you brother and so far, nothing yet. emotion_8c
H E P O H Report | 07/20/2016 4:11 pm
hey youuu
Ejaculation Techniques Report | 07/20/2016 2:08 pm
Ejaculation Techniques
Hey bro, idk if you reply. I hope ypu're doing well. biggrin
Trance Divine Report | 07/18/2016 8:13 am
Trance Divine
Trance Divine Report | 07/16/2016 3:06 pm
Trance Divine
You never replied to my comment.. anyway I hope u are ok..
Pikachu Goddess Report | 07/15/2016 4:13 am
Pikachu Goddess
Keep your head up you got this if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here heart
Trance Divine Report | 07/14/2016 1:04 am
Trance Divine
It's my only day off today so we'll see since I have a lot to do today.
Trance Divine Report | 07/13/2016 11:00 am
Trance Divine
hey I hope you are doing okay and I am truly sorry for your loss. -hugs-
Madame_Sins Report | 07/12/2016 7:02 am
I'm so sorry to hear that love -hugs- I'm here for you if you need someone
To be there okay love ... Things like these are never easy. sad
UnWholly Report | 07/10/2016 9:18 pm
Oi Oi..Long time no see. Listen mike, i know i've got no right to even talk to you after the stuff i have done and said in the past, but i wanna let you know, im sorry. for the things i have done. and for the lost of your grandmother. i was aware of how close you were to her. you were close to her as i was as close to my grandfather. we both lost someone we love very much. Mikey, its okay to grieve, but just know you'll get passed this. you'll get stronger just hang in there man.


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