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They Need to Stop
"I'm soooo colllllld!!"

Eye roll. Stop it. I don't get why girls dress all slutty in their short shorts and slutty top and then complain that it's cold.

YO! It's been cold for the past week. Actually the past month. Not much has changed. The girls knew it was going to be cold since the beginning of the month and dress VERY revealingly and complain that they're cold.

Seriously, do they dress themselves in the morning?

I mean sometimes I'm cold but that would be because of the fact that I'm wearing a t-shirt and some thin skinny jeans. The sweater I have is not enough.

And that's another thing! Why are schools using air conditioner if it's winter!!?

I don't mind the cold outside. It's supposed to be that why, but shouldn't a heater be used for the inside?

I just don't understand anymore.

Anyway I'm just glad that I'll have a whole month toward YouTube videos in about a week. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

thanks for listening.