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"Exams! Exams! Ex yams! Exams!"

Yeah, I get it. Exams are next week. Instead of studying English and Math, I'm just lolling on my YouTube channel and drawing (which is only about an hour a day... which is the hour before I sleep). But I don't care right now. Honestly, I know I'll pass my math test in 15 minutes or less with a score of 98 like I do every time for the practice exams. Same with English.

Anyway, I just don't care right now. I have plans and goals I need to fulfill before 22 January (the day I come back for school), and right now every exam but the jury is on my mind right now. I have a YouTube account, and... (prepare for it) I WANT TO PLAY MY PS4!

Also I want to record playings of my ps4 and put it on my YouTube. I guess I'm just an attention seeker. Which is weird because I only have 4 college friends. But anyway, I start class in about 26 minutes, and if I have to do another practice exams, you can bet it won't be rainbows and butterflies when I get home... unless I play my PS4. Knack is aching me to finish the game!
... anybody else like Knack most when he's little?

Anyway, have a nice windsday Gaians.