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I am thankful for:

Being able to breath (Breathing)

Having all my limbs

Having the ability to go to college

All the second chances I've been given

My best friend

My family

Having a home

Having food everyday

Having basic rights

Mary Katherine

William Joyce

Walt Disney

Cry (Cryaotic)


Marvel Comics

Video games

My PS4

My friends


This is pretty much what I am thankful for. These are the things I am thankful I have every day. Oh! Also the right to complain if I feel the need (Because we always have those days that we just need to complain about something).

Have a wonderful day smilies/icon_smile.gif

Enjoy the chicken (Tradition in Japan) Turkey (america and a few other countries) and duck (there was only a handful of countries with this meal plan)

smilies/icon_smile.gif Be yourself. Don't ever change.