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The Actual Audacity
You know, I'm not a very clingy person. I used to be, but I'm not anymore. How do I know that? I cut off a lot of people after high school. The real assholes that always brought me down and did nothing for my life. There was no "oh yeah, but we--" No.

They were assholes. They are gone.

So the friends I have now are pretty cool and not clingy except for maybe a handful of them. Now, when I say clingy I mean, they can't handle themselves and need me for their emotional issues that are mainly make believe problems and throw a fit if no one replies to their texts in less than a minute.

Now, if they were going through something, maybe I would understand, but there is nothing I can do about someone's boredom or need to lash at people. Putting me down all the time is not going to make them feel better. How do I know that? Because they keep doing it.

They fact that they have the audacity not to stand for themselves in their own lives, and as their own persons, makes me wonder how we became friends at all. Hell, I'm probably not going to enter another relationship in my life because of how knittpicky I am about emotionally clingy, and just generally clingy, people.

I really do not understand people who "like clingy." To me, it just makes someone a baby sitter and not a friend.