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Sense of Self
Some people just have a good sense of who they are. They can tell you what they feel and why. Others sometimes have to sit there and think a bit.

Now me, I sit there and know more of other people from deducing from their actions. I can describe my friends in a way that they barely realized things about themselves. But when it comes to me, I don't really have a sense of self.

My friend recently asked me to tell him something about myself. I told him I was blunt, strange, and have a strawberry obsession. When he asked why, I couldn't really answer him. I didn't know what made me impulsively honest or weird.

I just shrugged. But it really had me thinking when I got home. Now, it just really bugs me that I don't have a sense of self.

Why are the ice climbers my main in Smash?
Why do I like strawberries so much?
Why do I listen to rock? Because I like it, but why?

It annoyingly got to the point that I was wondering why I liked my name.

I don't know. I felt like I knew everything about myself but nothing at all.