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The Gaian Economy
It seems pretty difficult to sell something or even buy a desired item. When the pricing is one million gold one week it seems to raise its price by ten in the next two weeks.

I'm so tired of this! For example, I'm trying to sell an item on the market called "the gift." The store price is 500 gold. Fine. Whatever. I don't care. I don't like this item. But the market place price is 1000000 gold.
Why?! Who expects to sell this item for that much gold if the store sells the item for way less? The only time people can get away with this is when the item is not sold in stores. Even then, I see that the "sell back" value is pretty low and the market place price will have five or six zeros after that. It's ridiculous.

Yet somehow, people will get angry if someone lists a price WAY lower than the lowest million pricing. EVEN THOUGH, the value is nowhere near that high. But see, I find that listing things reasonably gets my items sold. When I don't list them reasonably, they don't sell.

I'm not saying that people who list the prices super high are bad or that they need to be harassed or need to change they're pricing. I'm just saying it's ridiculous. The store values and stuff that's fine. The market place is just where I lose my mind!!

"Someone just messed up my selling buy selling his item millions lower!"
Anyone can choose the price they want.

"Why is she selling that for this much? It should be this much!"
Anyone can choose the price they want.

"They're ruining this economy!'
Anyone can choose the price they want.

There is no economy. And if we want to say there is, it's really "everyone makes what they can."

No one ruins someone else. They can choose the price they want.