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This B***
We all have that one b***h in our life. BUT THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR, is ******** insane. I was her friend, and I am so done with her. The lying should have been when I stopped. But let me explain what's drawing me to my "done" with her. And just so everyone ******** knows why I dealt with this b***h for so long before I cuss her out in an hour, I was her friend. I knew she was rude and pretty manipulative, but I thought she had some good inside her. NAW. That ain't the case. Especially not anymore. This b***h has the ******** nerve to lie and destroy everyone around her just so everyone will pay attention to her and her problems. Just to sum up before we go, the b***h is the kind of girl who goes, "stop beating me up," in a game of Super Smash Bros. In Mario Kart she goes, "just ******** slow down and let me win for once." NO. She's also the kind of girl who believes no one else must have problems and threatens to stab everyone even when she's slightly upset. Onto why I'm so done with this manipulation and need to care for her.

"Omg! I have depression, so you can't mention my ex or be friends with him.You also can't mention any of my flaws because I have depression. Tell me I'm perfect everyday... because I have depression. By the way, my ex raped me, beat me, and cheated on me, so if you talk to him you're satan. But like, don't tell anyone. Let whoever is his friend be his friend. Also don't let him know I told you guys, so keep acting like you're still his friend. Also, I wanted him back after he broke up with me. But he raped me, so tell me it's not a good idea to get back with him or I'll get back with him."

First, this is literally what she says and sounds like. My reaction after the last one was, "what the ********? Do you need sleep?"

Second,... And you knew I was his friend right? THEN WHY are you belittling me to isolation and invisibility for doing exactly as you ******** said?!!! I drew a point for this. I had pity for this girl for a whole week because I thought she was actually raped. The beating was iffy and I KNOW for a fact he never cheated on her. So I usually three points before I am ******** done with someone. I didn't draw a point because she lied, and I later found out; and she had to tell me herself that she did so. No! I drew a point for treating me like s**t for doing what she said. Treating him like a friend AFTER she ******** told me it was all lies. She then went on to tell me her depression wasn't real. Does anyone else see what this b***h was doing.

Okay so that was the first point. Punishing me for something I was ******** told to do.

Second point:

This b***h later decided, AFTER ******** TELLING ME, that all three accusations were a lie to tell her best friend that she needs therapy for the rape. They go to a women's center and the therapy is put into action and so on, BUT she ******** told me it was a lie... So who the ******** are you lying to? And her friend was about to go and tell the police. Like dude, she's lying to one of us, we can't just send someone to jail without full proof. ESPECIALLY, if she told me it was a lie! At this point, her friend just stuck with using just the therapy and we came to the conclusion she doesn't know how to deal with the break up. We'd like if the therapist could help us confirm this, but for obvious legal reasons he can't. Now what really draws a point here is she insulted people to the finest degree and used that she was in therapy to do so. Her friend then started believing the rape, and she told us not to mess with her like we used to because she's so fragile. AND THIS brings me to my last ******** point of dealing with this b***h.

Third point, the line that was crossed:

This b***h has always said her days are horrible. She always says she's tired and life is meaningless. And not in a "Oh honey, no. It's gonna be okay" you need to comfort her way. NO. She says, "Oh my day is horrible, like my hair. Hey, Mo, you should kill yourself because your life has no meaning just like mine. But I'm graduating soon." The second time she did this to me, I told her I don't have the insecurity of feeling of being kicked in the face when I see my ex's happier with their new girlfriends. So she stopped that with me and continued with our other friends. She belittled them, and sometimes I'd stuck up for them.However, this one that draws the line is why I'm going to ******** lose it when I see her. I have a friend whose parents died in the hospital while he was 17 and 21. He's currently 22, so you would think bringing up a dead mother less than a year later is out of the ******** question.
HOWEVER, this b***h didn't get the memo!! I wasn't there for this, but I heard it happened; and he confirmed it happened. He asked how her day was, and she replied, "my day is dead just like your parents."
I'm gonna let that sink in.
Yeah. She said that. She said that and expected him to just accept what she said and not say anything back about it. Does she know how he dealt with it? Heaven's no. She doesn't know that he didn't actually have to go to the ******** bathroom. She doesn't comprehend that she should have apologized. NOOOO. She has no idea that she hurt him. This is my ******** line. THIS is my third point. A man who ******** walks her to the bus stop in the dark. Walks her to class when she demands. Doesn't say anything or ask for anything in return. NO. He did nothing to her, but he's done a lot for her.

This is the b***h I'm going to cuss out today. This is the b***h who needs to understand she is the queen of no kingdom and I'm going to tell her best friend she might want a rain check. Because everything is a lie.